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Manufacturing Industries :In India, Farming is currently the most neglected sector as far as spread & implementation of technology is concerned. We have seen green revolution in late 60’s. Then we saw financial reforms 2 decades ago. After that, due to globalization & liberalization every sector in country adopted global technology for betterment. Government availed various facilities to different sectors such as manufacturing industries, service industries so as to make them bounteous. But in all this movements, farming sector was somewhere kept aside, sometimes intentionally & sometimes unintentionally.

But this scenario must be changed now! If we compare our country’s farming industry with rest of the world then we can easily see how lagging we are, in terms of technological progress & hence financially too. There is a direct relation between technological advancements and your financial graph. If you want your financial graph to be always elevated then modern technology must be implemented in farming. Special attention should be given to small farmers who are weakest in the chain.

But how farmers will get appropriate assistance about what’s good for them and what’s not! In this era of information there are actually innumerable sources through which farmers can acquire information. But most of them are not trustworthy and rest is unable to assist in laymen’s language. But is the only place where you can get good assistance from expertise and you get a lot of variety of tractors and other farming implements to choose from. On, you can buy, sell and rent out new and used tractors or other farming implements. USP of is its simplicity. So, a even small farmers who are not much aware of modern technological advancements can get guidance about it and regarding various farming issues as well in laymen’s language, which makes very user friendly and hence popular among-st farmers. is India’s only Desi Search Engine specially designed for farmers.

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