Make Farming Happy with KhetiGaadi

Make Farming Happy with KhetiGaadi

Farming KhetiGaadi : Because Your Farms Tells A Story, How Will The Next Chapter Begins?

Those were the days, when farmers used to stand in lines for hours in front of shops to buys seeds, pesticides, fertilizes etc. Tractors and other implements were there to make farming processes easy but not all the farmers were using it effectively due to some unavoidable reasons. Especially, small farmers could not avail the facility of tractors or other farming implements due to the high end cost of the products. Doing all the farming processes by their own, small farmers never used to achieve superior yield production. So they had to take debt from banks. Due to uncertainty in weather, farmers are always under the pressure of losing everything. To grow every single granule of yield, farmer has to work so hard that he can’t even afford to lose it. Farmers need some guidance to do farming in a superior way. But there was no way which could lead them to superior farming KhetiGaadi.
Then came, world’s first ever ‘Desi Search Engine’ for farmers, which introduces you to one of the finest brands of tractors & farming implements spread worldwide. You can buy, sell or rent out your used or new tractors and other farming implements to the needy ones. That too, at very reasonable rates! So it’s a win-win situation for both, the buyers and the sellers.
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KhetiGaadi is the world's first online marketplace providing well-structured bidding platforms for buying and selling of Tractors and Implements in Agricultural Mechanization.