Information Technology for Agricultural Development in India

Information Technology for Agricultural Development in India

Information Technology (IT) brings up different images for different people.

While for some it is the super-computer, for others, it means using laptop, palmtop, and mobile phones to access the information in single click. While for some, it means the electronic gadgetry, for others, it means the efficiency in communication channels like using high end mobile phones, computers & laptops to have instant access to the huge amount of information on internet.

According to the Porter and Millar, Information Technology must be conceived of broadly to encompass the information that business create and use as well as a wide spectrum of increasingly convergent and linked technologies that process the information. In addition to computers, then, data recognition equipment, communications technologies, factory automation and other hardware and services are included. Information Technology has opened the door for a new sector, viz., Service Sector. We are going to talk about it little bit here today. We will have a detailed discussion about it in future topics.

According to the United Kingdom’s Department of Trade and Industry, “Information Technology is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numeric information by a micro-electronics based combination of computing and telecommunications.”

Information Technology is the term used to describe technologies, which enable the users to record, store, process, retrieve, transmit and receive information. Information Technology encompasses modern technologies such as computers, facsimile transmission, micro-graphics, telecommunications and microelectronics.

Today, we are all aware that Information Technology has provided new ways of recording, storing, processing, retrieving, transmitting and receiving information we want, enabling us to build more effective and more efficient information systems.

As previously mentioned, this Information Technology has helped emerge a new sector viz., Service Sector. Farming Industry is also not a exception for this. In last decade, this service industry has drastically spread across the country and made market & economy to become heavily dependent on it. Keeping this in mind, strives to help – guide – direct the farmers regarding mechanization in farming. On, one can buy, sell, and rent out new & used tractors or other farming implements to the needy ones. You can also get financial assistance from well known banks in the country. In addition, you can get in touch with service centers of world class tractors and farming implements manufacturing companies. Log on to, for more information and interesting reads like this.

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