Popular Agriculture Indo Farm Implements

Popular Agriculture Indo Farm Implements

An Indian-based ‘Indo Farm Equipment Limited’ an ISO-certified company produces world-class Tractors, implements, engines, diesel engines, machines, and agri-inputs. The company believes in providing the best quality products at the proper range to ensure proper supply.

The products are equipped with induction furnaces to reach the maximum number of farmers for better productivity in agriculture farming. The products are designed with modern technology casting in the latest machines.

With an excellent range of implements, the productive implements are cost-effectively produced with the latest operating function. 

Why To Choose For An Indo Farm Implements

  • Indo Farm Implements are the best dealers in cranes, constructions, Rotary Tiller, and Harvesting implements.
  • Indo Farm implements are easy to operate.
  • Indo Farm implements are designed with the latest technology.
  • Indo Farm is the best dealer service provider across the world.
  • Indo Farm implements are ISO-certified implements.
  • All ranges of implements are reliable and trustable.
  • Best provider in harvesting implements.

Best Indo Farm Implement Models

Indo Farm believes in producing a strong and wide range of implements keeping in mind the needs of the farmers. Some of the best Indo Farm Implements are:

Combine Harvesters

Indo Farm Combine harvesters are delivered by the company that constitutes to achieve farmers’ dreams.

Indo Farm harvesting implements are acquired to meet the adverse effects on the climatic conditions and maintain the grain quality by giving better output results with minimum physical or economical strain.

Indo Farm harvesters are known for fuel efficiency, better performance, and excellent in various operating functions. Machines are designed with unbeatable features.

Indo Farm Combine Harvesters are the best implement machines to deliver the best products in a wide range. The popular models of the combine harvesters are:

Indo Farm Combine Harvester Agricom 1070 

The Indo Farm Combine Harvester Agricom 1070 implement is the best-acquiring harvesting machine that works effectively at all the climatic conditions accepting the farmer’s understanding and providing the world-class innovative feature Combine harvester Agricom1070 implement. 

An ideal machine that is adequate in performance best at efficiency, more powerful, reliable product. Agricom 1070 implement model has specific features like:

  • Powerful engine.
  • High Ground Clearance.
  • Maximum Grain Tank Capacity.
  • Hydraulic Pump.
  • No Grain Loss.
  • It is a multi-crop operating machine.

Indo Farm Combine Harvester Agricom 1070 SW

Indo Farm Combine Harvester Agricom 1070 SW is the powerful, fuel-efficient, best operating feature implement that works effectively on the ground.

It has strong blades and power that is efficient for the graining system in agriculture.  The Harvesting Agricom 1070 SW model is the best quality product for the use of agriculture farming. It has some specific features: 

  • More Number Of Cutterbars. 
  • High Grain Tank Capacity.
  • High Ground Clearance.
  • Fuel Efficient 
  • Powerful Engine
  • More Reliable 
  • Works effectively with 21-30 HP range of tractors.

Rotary Tillers

Indo farm Rotary Tillers are produced with effective technology that are superb in the field that comes under the Tillage category. The best Rotary Tiller models by the Indo Farm are:

Indo Farm Rotary Tiller IFRT-175

Indo Farm Rotary Tiller IFRT-175 is the perfect implement model that is produced with effective features like Gear Drive, Gear Drive fitted in both the sides, P.T.O. Shaft fitted with cover, Gearbox, etc.

It works properly with safety measures. It can be retrofitted with the tractor ranges from 51-60 HP. The price is affordable and easy to purchase by the farmers especially for tilling purposes. 

Indo Farm Rotary Tiller IFRT-200

IndoFarm Rotary Tiller IFRT-200 is one of the popular implement models in certain perspectives like better mileage, excellent performance, best price and more output.

Indo Farm Rotary Tiller IFRT-200 implement model is a best rotavator category machine ideal to attach with the 51-60 HP range of tractors. It is a fuel efficient implement that works effectively on the field. It arrives with specific features like: Gearbox, Gear Drive, PTO Shaft, Gearbox on both sides. 

Indo Farm Rotary Tiller IFRT-225

 Indo Farm Rotary Tiller IFRT-225 model is the best rotavator implement. It works effectively with a 60-70 HP range of tractors. The best quality range of implement for efficient working on the field. It can be retrofitted with a high range of tractors for the land preparation. 

Indo Farm Power Cranes

Indo Farm Power Cranes are the construction Equipment machines suitable for the high construction works with more power, excellent performer and a reliable implement. It produces the hydraulic mobile crane effectively to make the construction work easy and fastly.


Indo Farm equipment limited produces a wide range of implements for the multipurpose agriculture operation. The best products for farming functions are Rotary Tillers, Harvesters, Crane machines, etc. These are made with high quality raw materials to work effectively on the field for various operations. 

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