Popular VST Shakti Implements

Popular VST Shakti Implements

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. is the leading company of manufacturing a various range of farm VST Shakti implements for the use of agriculture purposes.

A well renowned and precise company that produces extremely high-quality products for various agriculture and farm VST Shakti implements including Power TIllers, Rice Transplanters, Power Reaper, Rotary Tillers, Power Weeder, etc. VST Shakti Power Tiller implements are mostly in demand by the customers. 

The products come at different ranges suitable for multipurpose operating functions. A verified and trusted seller and dealer service company are exclusive in a wide variety of Power Tillers and other farm mechanizations for the easy operations of the farming systems. 

Some of the popular VST Shakti Implements are :

VST Shakti Power Tiller 135 DI Ultra 

VST Shakti Power Tiller 135 DI Ultra is a tractor-mounted operating machine that comes under the Tillage category. It is a multipurpose operating machine that is widely suitable for various operating features like better efficiency, excellent performance, etc.

The machine is equipped with advanced technology to boost the yield of farming various activities. VST Shakti is good for Paddy crops. It can be retrofitted with tractors ranging from 21-30 HP.

VST Shakti Power Tiller 130 DI

VST Shakti Power Tiller 130 DI is a tractor-mounted power tilling machine is suitable for the 21-30  HP range of tractors. Such implement machine is great in use for agriculture farming. It is best known for effective performance and is used for the various operating functions of tilling.

VST Shakti Reaper

VST Shakti Reapers are the best operating machine in comparison with the manual working.  

It is the best reaping machine for cutting crops that saves time. VST Shakti Honda GX200 Power Reaper is the reaping machine that is easy to operate with the tillers while cutting to the crops when collected manually.

This is the best reliable machine good for reaping purposes. It works effectively in the long term. It comes with exclusive features and is an economical price for all marginal farmers. 

VST Shakti Rice Transplanters

VST Shakti Rice Transplanters is the best operating machine for the growing of crops in different fields. VST produces 8-row paddy transplanters for the seeding and plantation category.

It works effectively with proper fuel efficiency. This is a nice and simple machine that is easy to operate and makes farming work easy for the farmers. 

VST Shakti Rotary Tiller

VST on the other hand also produces the best Rotary Tillers implement for the land preparation in agriculture farming.

VST Shakti FT350 is the popular model that comes with advanced features like a belt and chai drive option, extendable tine shield, for an easy operating Ergo handles is provided with rotated and adjustable handle options.

An attractive feature with an economical price option is a great deal for the farmers to purchase FT350 rotary tiller machine.

On the other side, VST Shakti RT 65 is another popular model that comes with an adjustable depth bar, 18’’ Tilling width that functions easily in farming. 

VST Shakti 135 DI Power Weeder

VST company also produces the weeding machine to make the work easy for an operation. VST Shakti Power Weeder machine is perfect for the seeding and plantation category.

VST Shakti Power 135 DI Power Weeder is a perfect machine for the agricultural Indian sector. It comes with specific features like 13 HP single cylinder, excellent water cooling engine system with affordable price. VST RT 70 Josh is the perfect wedding machine that comes with affordable and specific features. 

VST Shakti Spring Loader Cultivator

Another important tilling machine that is produced by the VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. is Spring Loaded Cultivators that are ideal for tilling soil in gardens and farms.

A tractor attachment Spring Loaded cultivator is designed specifically with all important features that are suitable to work even in the toughest land conditions, springs attached for heavy-duty working with the deepest three-point linkage system. 

VST Shakti Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill 

Next comes the drilling machine by VST that is Seed Cum Fertilizer multipurpose Drill machine ideal for sowing seeds in the farm for various crops like groundnut, wheat, soybean, Bengal gram, etc.

It sows seeds before seed preparation, after paddy harvesting.

Seed Cum Fertilizer machine is best in various functions like best yielding of crops, saves labor cost, time, good at fuel efficiency, effective in sowing more than one crop at a time. The multipurpose VST Shakti Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill machine comes at an affordable and reasonable price.

VST Shakti Post Hole Digger/Augur 

VST Shakti Post Hole Digger/ Augur machine is suitable for small size hole digging such as for fencing and signs. This machine makes the work easy and fastly for the farmers.

VST Shakti Chaff Cutter

VST Shakti Chaff Cutter is a mechanical machine suitable for cutting straws and hay. The Chaff cutter is vital for agriculture production. The chaff cutter is a tractor attachment shaft implement machine. 

VST Front End Loader 

VST Front End Loader is a perfect tractor attachment that is suitable to work where big wheels cannot work effectively.

Front End loader machine reduces the labor cost and works for a long time with compact tractors. A highly rigid implement is suitable for loading heavy materials that increase efficiency. 


VST Shakti Tillers Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the best leading manufacturing company that incorporates a powerful range of farm implements, tools, and machines. The products are designed with specific features and are more versatile in performance.

The different VST Shakti implements and machines are mostly in demand by the farmers for various agricultural purposes. Some machines are cost-effective while others are low in cost and perform excellently on the field. 

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