Eicher 380: Popular Eicher Tractor

Eicher 380: Popular Eicher Tractor

One of the most well-known tractors in the industry is the Eicher 380 tractor. The 40-horsepower Eicher 380 Super DI tractor is made in India by Eicher Tractors. This tractor’s fuel economy and engine dependability are highly known. This brand is the most well-liked among farmers due to lower servicing costs and a huge number of service outlets.

This well-known tractor in India is driven by a three-cylinder engine. Thanks to its 2500 CC engine, the Eicher 380 super di tractor can provide a total output of 40 HP at an engine rated RPM of 2150 RPM. To provide maximum efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, this engine is available with an air-cooled configuration. The Eicher 380 is equipped with a Combine Constant and Sliding Mesh transmission.

Eicher 380 Specifications:

This tractor is made to handle agricultural labor that is moderate to severely challenging. This particular Eicher tractor model has a number of distinctive features that make it perfect for Indian farmers. This tractor comes from the renowned Eicher line of top-notch agricultural machinery. The Eicher 380 is one of them; it has a strong engine and gets good mileage. We provide all necessary details, including Eicher 380 Features and a lot more. 

The Eicher 380 Super Power has a single or dual-clutch that assures smooth operation, making it the tractor of choice for Indian farmers.

On this tractor, you can choose between oil-immersed or dry disc brakes, which offer better braking and less slippage. Quick responses are made possible during operation by the mechanical/power steering (optional) characteristics.

The Eicher 380 tractor’s specifications are quite effective, making it suitable for both commercial and agricultural use. The tractor model employs a PTO horsepower of 34, giving the linked farm machinery its maximum power.

The Eicher 380 has a 45-liter fuel tank, which enables the tractor to stay in the field for a long time. Controlled speed is possible due to the reliable gearbox, which includes two backward and eight forward gears.

Additionally, it has a stunning style and design, strong torque backup, high fuel efficiency, and low fuel consumption. It creates work of the highest caliber despite all of these intricate aspects. This increases the productivity and performance of farms, thus every farmer wants to buy it. It is also a highly developed tractor with a stylish appearance and cutting-edge technology. The majority of Indian farmers can afford this tractor because it is affordable.

A vast variety of crops, including maize, wheat, vegetables, fruits, and many more, can be handled by this tractor. It may be quickly mounted to many different farm equipment, such as plows, cultivators, and rotavators. You will save a lot of money with this tractor because it is fuel-efficient. It is also an effective tractor that is tough and adaptable.

The tractor’s talents on and off the road are widely known. Customers use this tractor for both commercial and agricultural purposes. The size of the front tyre, also known as the steer tyre, is 6 X 16 inches, while the size of the back tyre, also known as the power tyre, is 13.6 X 28 inches. The ADDC Hydraulic Control found on the Eicher 380 enhances lifting performance. This feature-rich tractor helps to deliver the best products while yet keeping costs down thanks to easy maintenance and a fuel-efficient engine.

Eicher 380 Features:

  1. The Eicher 380 Super Power is the most popular among Indian farmers because of its various features.
  2. It features a single or twin clutch for smooth operation.
  3. This tractor has oil-immersed or dry disc brakes, which provide greater braking and less slipping.
  4. Fast responsiveness is offered during operation by mechanical/power steering options that are optional.
  5. Due to its highly effective features, the Eicher 380 is appropriate for both commercial and agricultural uses.
  6. The tractor model’s 34 PTO horsepower gives the best power for the connected agricultural machinery.
  7. The 45-liter fuel tank size of the Eicher 380 allows the tractor to stay in the field for extended periods of time.
  8. Having 8 forward and 2 backward gears, the sturdy gearbox allows for controlled speed.

Price of the Eicher 380 in India:

The cost of the Eicher 380 ranges from 6 Lakh – 6.25 Lakh.

It is a low-cost tractor made for all Indian farmers. You may find out more about the Eicher 380 pricing on our KhetiGaadi website. Customers can buy it without thinking twice because it satisfies farmers’ needs. The cost-effectiveness of the Eicher 380 pricing 2022 and its affordability for the majority of farmers.

It is also a well-performing tractor that is strong and sturdy. The most recent improvements that modern farmers need have been incorporated into the new Eicher 380 model to improve it. Aside from that, farmers in India may afford the Eicher 380 price without any issues. This powerful tractor is also one of the most popular models.

Applications of Eicher 380:

The user applications listed below are all implemented with the Eicher 380. With all of the aforementioned programs, it functions better. The tractor has sufficient power to run programs. The applications that an operator can use with an Eicher 380 and have them run smoothly are listed below.

  • Mb plough
  • Sprayer
  • Cultivator
  • Harvester
  • Haulage
  • Rotavator
  • Gyrovator
  • Puddling

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