Types of the Agricultural Cutter

Types of the Agricultural Cutter

There are different kinds of agricultural machines that are used in India for successful farming and getting easy production in farming. There are different kinds of machines used for easy farming.

Day by Day new technological machines and equipment are really in demand by the farmers for the easy working and work in a systematized manner.

One amongst them is the ‘Cutter. Cutters are of various types used for cutting of various farming purposes and also they can be classified into several other kinds of functioning such as manual functioning, semi-automatic functioning, and fully automatic functioning. 

Here we are discussing the several types of agriculture cutters that make farming easy in operation and saves time and money. Some of the exclusive uses of cutters and their types are:

Types of the Agricultural Cutter:

Sugarcane Cutter

Sugarcane cutter is widely used for harvesting purposes. There are various forms of sugarcane machines designed for the proper cutting of fallen sugarcane crops or widely used for harvesting purposes.

There are many lightweight and mini harvesters introduced by implement and farm machines. Mini Sugarcane harvester is a self-propelled machine that can be easily attached to tractors.

Mini Sugarcane harvester functions for different purposes like picking up fallen sugarcane, paving the stalk, and cutting.  

Sugarcane combine harvester machine is suitable for large quantities of sugarcane harvesting that can also work in the plain ground, while mini sugarcane harvesting machine is suitable to work at different landforms like soft sugarcane field, mountainous region, and many more. 

Best Sugarcane Cutter Machines

Shaktiman Sugarcane Cutter Machine: Shaktiman is the perfect implement brand that especially designs quality products and implements for the use of farmers and other users.

Shaktiman 3737 Sugarcane Cutter machine is the popular self-propelled harvesting machine that is used for cleaning and tearing of sugarcane, fallen sugarcanes, cutting and paving of stalks.

Sugarcane 3737 cutter machine is designed with specific features like advanced tracking and excellent monitoring system, six cylinders, air-cooled Cummins diesel engine.

It can work easily on the ground and makes the work easier for the farmers. Shaktiman Sugarcane harvester machine price is affordable and reasonable. It can be purchased easily from authorized dealers. 

Paddy Cutter

Best Shaktiman Paddy cutter

Shaktiman Paddy Cutter 3776  is the most popular machine that is widely used for several operations in farming for cutting purposes like reaping, threshing, and winnowing. Shaktiman Paddy Cutter 3776 is an advanced technological cutter bar machine that performs for different farm uses. 

Paddy Cutters 

Dasmesh Paddy Cutters: Dasmesh Paddy Cutters is the best cutting machine that is produced with strong features, high-quality gearbox system. These are produced and come along with easy availability of spare parts. This chopper machine is good at performance, and the quality is superb.

Shaktiman Paddy Cutters: Shaktiman is the perfect farm implement brand that produces a large variety of farm implements and machines for the benefit of the farmers. One amongst the major Paddy Cutter machines by Shaktiman is the major brand useful for several purposes. 

Rice Straw Cutter

Rice straw cutter is the best operating machine that is widely used for harvesting purposes of rice crop. Rice cutters are the major producers.

Rice straw cutters are manufactured with a good quality of features with a qualitative range of products. It is also processed for the use of technological farming. The farming system with the use of Rice Straw Cutter is very useful and 

Easy to operate.

Harvester Cutters- Harvester cutters are the basic and primary harvesters that can be easily attached with most of the combined harvesters.

Harvester cutters machines are easily available with strong features and specifications. It can work for long hours of operation. The popular harvester cutter machine is manufactured by several brands such as:

Kubota 488 Harvester Cutters: Kubota 488 harvester cutters is a reliable machine produced with high durability and impact resistance.

It is available with categories of hole size, the length and thickness are appropriate for the perfect sharpness. Also, it is provided with one year of warranty. 

Yanmar 70G Harvester Cutter: Yanmar 70G Harvester cutter is a perfect harvester cutter machine that is most compatible with other tractors like John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case, etc. 

Forage Cutter 

Forage cutters are tractor-mounted machines that can be easily attached to tractors. It is a specialized implement machine that is designed to work effectively.

For harvesting purposes, it can be very useful and easy to operate. Farmers are also in need of the easy use and growth of the farming system. So, with the help of Forage Cutter, it is a gift to the various sectors.

These are the various parts of the forage cutters that are used for various other purposes. 


Indian agriculture system is incomplete without implements, machinery, tools and equipment. Thus, different kinds of machines play different roles.

Cutters are also one amongst them that works effectively on the land for the use of harvesting. It not only saves the time but also reduces the labor manpower resources and makes the work easier. 

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