New Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 415

New Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 415

Mahindra, a pioneer industry in the world, focused on producing powerful and advanced technological tractors and farm implements for the use of the farmers. Mahindra

The company deals with manufacturing mini tractors, utility tractors, and higher power range tractors. With new technological hope and presence, the company innovates a new design, an advanced feature Tractor named Mahindra Yuvo Tech+415.

A new tractor in the Yuvo Tech Series attracts the minds of the farmers. The farmer’s first choice for accompanying the performance of the tractors. The latest tractor Mahindra Yuvo Tech Series 

TRACTOR IS CLASSY and attractive in design. The tractor is known for higher mileage and is suitable for all farming activities. Mahindra tractor innovates the new technological ideas with classic design. 

Yuvo Tech Series Range+415 tractor is suitable for land and soil preparation even in uneven and tough situations.

The tractor is effective and easy to work in all types of operations and with heavy applications like Thresher, Rotavator, Sprayer, Cultivator, Trolley, MB Plough, Harrow, etc. With a highly qualitative featured tractor, Mahindra Yuvo Tech+415 is very impressive and easy to operate on all kinds of land. 

Tractor Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 415 Is Efficient and Productive

The tractor Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 415 a 2 wheel drive tractor is a 39 HP, highly powered mZIP 3-cylinder engine which comes with higher cubic capacity technology. The tractor in this category is powerful and the strongest in quality.

The Yuvo Tech+415 tractor comes with 12 forward and 3 reverse gears transmission systems. The tractor gives the perfect speed range attached with H-M-L that works in all types of range soil. It is also superior for commercial and agricultural purposes.

The full constant mesh transmission feature is good at all levels of working with smooth gears. 

With high precision valves, the tractor can load upto 1700 Kg of lifting hydraulics capacity and can handle the heavy implements precisely and easily. The tractor is loaded with extremely good quality features comforting the operator’s mode. An ergonomically designed tractor fixed with dual power steering works smoothly and effectively on the field. The tractor is efficient for all commercial and agricultural purposes. The tractor is more productive and easy to purchase. 

The tractor Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 415 Benefits

  • Yuvo Tech Plus 415 is amazing in features.
  • Yuvo Tech Plus 415 is provided with 6 years of warranty.
  • Yuvo Tech Plus 415 is the best in speed.
  • Tractor Yuvo Tech Plus 415 is a 2 wheel drive tractor that is operative and effective.
  • Yuvo Tech Plus 415 contains a high fuel tank capacity. 

Tractor Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 415 Price Range

A multitasking Yuvo Tech Plus 415 Tractor Price in India varies from one region to another. Thus, to enquire more about its price in your state, visit our website And Download KhetiGaadi Mobile Application.

The tractor price in India is dependent on the states. The tractor is affordable and easy to purchase. Also, to know more about the latest tractors, new tractors, features, specifications, price ranges connect to our executives for more information.

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