Harvest Festivals of India: Same Emotion Behind Different Names

Harvest Festivals of India: Same Emotion Behind Different Names

India is famously known as the place where there are celebrations which are considered as a colorful country where individuals celebrate with full power and delight.

India has 29 states and each state commends harvest celebrations on various occasions in the year. The primary yield of the harvest is a joy for farmers and they praise it merrily as a celebration.

Being the beautiful country that India is, there are the most lively harvest festivals and happy festival celebrations. They are just about as inconceivable and different as their kin and scenes and let you experience the excellence of the Indian culture.

Dates for celebrations in various parts of the nation differ because of variations in the environment.

Makar Sankranti

An Auspicious Day For Hindus. Commended all around the country, Makar Sankranti is the most established and the most bright harvest celebration in India. It is likewise the most praised harvest celebration of India.

It is the top gather celebration of Uttar Pradesh. According to Hindu folklore, this celebration denotes the finish of a troublesome stage and the start of a blessed stage.

Peoples of Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Himachal, West Bengal, and Punjab, praise the reap of new yields on the occasion of this festival.

They celebrate it with a huge fire, fairs, tunes, moves, kite flying, and revitalizes. There are three dates for this celebration in which most explorers partake and this celebration goes on for quite a long time in a year.

Key attractions of the Makar Sankranti celebration are different types of luxurious sweet dishes made of sesame and jaggery.


Celebrating With The Rhythms Of Dhol And Bhangra. Individuals of Punjab and Haryana observe the Baisakhi celebration or Vaisakhi by saying thanks to God for the great reap.

Furthermore, the farmers of the nation express their satisfaction and pleasure through this Indian harvest celebration. Individuals wear their best bright dresses, sing the most joyful tunes, and dance to the pleasant beats of Dhol.

It is the most cherished harvest celebration of Punjab. Baisakhi fairs are additionally coordinated where the aerobatic exhibition, wresting, algoza, and vanjli exhibitions should be visible which makes it quite possibly the most fascinating harvest celebration celebrated in India.

Key attractions of the Baisakhi celebration is Bhangra by menfolk and Gidda by ladies


Lohri is a prestigious reap celebration in Punjab that exhibits customary dance and tunes. To kill the chills of winter, the whole family and neighbors assemble around the huge fire and sing together, and offer grains, corns, and nuts to regard and like the fantastic collection of sugarcane crops.

Key attractions of the Lohri celebration is The Punjabi legends Sunder Mundriye sung by everybody

Basant Panchami

One of the most well-known gathering celebrations of India, Basant Panchami marks the beginning of the spring season. Celebrated in various provinces of North India, it is viewed as a propitious day.

This celebration is related to yellow tone, which is a shade of spirituality.

One can see the heavenly mustard crop fields in the open country, particularly the rustic areas of Haryana and Punjab. Key attractions of the Basant Panchami celebration are Indian cooking styles like Maake ki Roti, and Sarso Ka Saag.

Bhogali Bihu

Consistently in January, the whole province of Assam grandstands energy and thoroughly enjoys observing Bhogali Bihu. The farmers of Assam celebrate and appreciate the endeavors of development and receive the rewards.

Upon the arrival of Bihu, the mejis or structures made of mud and roughage are scorched. Neighborhood ladies wear mukhtars and partake in bunch melodies and dance. Otherwise called Magh Bihu, this is a colorful and most dynamic name on the rundown of reap celebrations of India.


Onam celebration is an incredible harvest celebration of Kerala celebrated with extraordinary excitement in various parts of Kerala. The celebration is commended for 10 days with the appearance of Mahabali.

To savor the fruitful reap, Malayalee individuals enliven their home entry with botanical rangoli, wear new customary garments, ladies cook tasty food, and celebrate with conventional music and dance.

Key attractions of the Onam celebration is Traditional Kerala cooking plans like Rasam, Payasam, Avial, earthy colored rice, and parippu curry are proposed to visitors in customary green leaf, snake boat race, and tiger dance are additionally invigorating to watch.


Pongal is one more name for Makar Sankranti, which is praised during a similar time in different urban communities of Tamil Nadu. Here individuals offer their profound thanks to natural force for the produce of the year.

This is quite possibly the most brilliant harvest celebration celebrated for 4 days. It is among the most well-known celebrations of Tamil Nadu.

The principal day is the Bhogi Festival given to Lord Indra for a wealth of downpour. On a subsequent day, recently collected rice and milk are cooked open-air and proposed to Sun God.

The third day is for steers’ love and on the fourth day, Pongal or customary shaded rice is presented with turmeric, betel leaf, and betel nuts. Key attractions of the Pongal celebration are Decorated houses with Kolam, the bull-subduing challenges, a huge fire with farming squanders, and love for the family’s thriving.

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