VST Tillers and Tractors Have Seen a 36 Percent Increase in Sales.

VST Tillers and Tractors Have Seen a 36 Percent Increase in Sales.


In May 2022, VST Tillers & Tractors sold a total of 3628 units:

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VST Tillers and Tractors, a multifunctional farm equipment company, has seen a 36% increase in tractor sales. On an annual basis, this amount for May 2022 sales has been reported. On a steady path, however, the company has seen a rise in sales of tractors and tillers. Let us know how many VST Tillers and Tractors were sold in May 2022.

May 2022 VST Tillers and Tractors Sales Report:


On a year-over-year basis, total sales of VST Tillers and Tractors increased by 36.33 percent. In May 2022, the company sold 3 thousand 628 units. In May 2021, the company sold a total of 2 thousand 661 units. In May 2022, the company’s overall revenues increased by 27.65% year over year. In April 2022, the company sold a total of 2,842 units.

Sales of VST Power Tillers have increased by 47%.

VST’s power tiller is also quite popular on the market. The sales of the company’s power tillers have increased. In May 2022, the company sold 3 thousand 37 power tillers, compared to 2 thousand 61 units in May 2021. The sales of power tillers have increased by 47.35 percent as a result.

In May 2022, VST sold 591 tractors:

Though VST has seen an increase in Power Tiller sales, it has seen a little reduction in Tractor sales. In May 2022, the business sold 591 units of tractors, compared to 600 units in May 2021. Tractor sales have decreased by 1.5 percent as a result of this.

VST’s net profit has increased by 70%

For a long time, VST Tiller Tractors has been making Power Tillers and Tractors. Let us notify you that in Q4 FY22, VST Tillers Tractors Company’s Net Profit increased by 70.9 percent to Rs.22.10 crores, while Net Sales increased by 12.1 percent to Rs.218.36 crores, compared to Q4 FY21.

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