ITL Introduces Two New Tractors In The Solis Yanmar Branded Tractor Range

ITL Introduces Two New Tractors In The Solis Yanmar Branded Tractor Range


The features/benefits and price of these two new tractors: International Tractors Limited (ITL), India’s number one export brand and one of the leading tractor manufacturers in the country, has launched the Solis Yanmar brand with its new YM3 tractor range.

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Two new tractors have been introduced in the Solis Yanmar brand namely YM342A and YM348A. The company claims that it has been designed to deliver powerful performance in different Indian conditions. Even before its launch in India, the YM3 tractor range has been globally successful in  Thailand, Southeast, Asian countries, Europe, Brazil as well as the US markets.

The aim of the company is to take the farmers towards a prosperous future: Speaking on the new launch, Mr. Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director ITL said, “The concept of introducing premium technologies that drive farmers towards a prosperous future is what drives us to associate with Solis Yanmar. After an overwhelming response to our Solis range of tractors since its launch in 2019, we are now launching the YANMAR tractor range with the YM3 tractor 4WD series which is clear reflection of advanced Japanese engineering.


Tractors to be manufactured in plants in Hoshiarpur and Punjab: Speaking on the launch of the tractor tractor, Me. Akihiko Hiroka, Chief Marketing Officer, Yanmar Holdings Company Limited, said, “Since the inception of Yanmar Holdings, we have always focused on offering solutions for the betterment of the world.The YM3 series tractors that have been developed with the expertise of both Solis (ITL) and the Yanmar team will be manufactured at ITL’s world’s No.1 tractor manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

What are the features/benefits of these tractors: The YM348A tractors offered by ITL are exquisitely designed by the 110 year old Japanese diesel engine giant YANMAR with the world’s best Supernova engine.

Its main features are as follows: The YM3 range consists of fully sealed tractors built with premium features like Powerful Engine, Full Synchromesh Gear, Push Button Operated PTO.

The Yanmar YM3 Series features an aerodynamic Hornet design and an ergonomically designed 4-way adjustable seat with power steering for farmer’s comfort.

The YM3 tractor range is powered by 4-Cylinder engine mated to Mono Plunger FIP and powerful 8F+8crushtle shift transmission along with balancer shaft for improved performance, which ensure noiseless and no vibration in the tractor.

At  the heart of the tractor is the renowned Japanese Engine technology which has been refined to offer the best performance.

The special thing about these tractors is that even before its launch in India, the YM3 tractor range has already made a mark globally by  exporting to Thailand, SouthEast Asian Countries, Europe, Brazil as well as the US markets.

Equipped with modern technology, this tractor is able to complete the work of the farmers without any interruption, which will save their time and labor to a great extent.

It will be better for you to choose these tractors to meet both the farming as well as the specific application requirements of the farmers.

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