Under the Yuvo Tech+ Series, Mahindra Tractor has introduced six new tractors

Under the Yuvo Tech+ Series, Mahindra Tractor has introduced six new tractors


Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ Series introduced six innovative tractors that are suitable for more than 30 agriculture operations.

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On the growing demands of farmers, Mahindra tractor, a division of Mahindra Farm Equipment, recently launched six further innovative tractors under the Yuvo Tech+ Series. Last year, the company introduced the series, and now it has added six modern tractors to its most popular line.

The modern farming tractors are built at Mahindra’s Research Valley (MRV) in Chennai and are powered by m-ZIP 3 and ELS 4 cylinders. Improvements that result in incredible torque, power, and mileage.


37 hp to 50 hp new Mahindra tractor range:

  • The 6 new Yuvo Tech+ agriculture tractors have a power range of 37 – 50 HP (27.6 – 36.7 kW).
  • 4WD, Dual Clutch, SLIPTO, Auxiliary Valve, and 2-speed PTO are all important features.
  • The new contributions are suitable for more than 30 agriculture applications thanks to high-level technology.
  • Yuvo Tech Plus has a 3-speed transmission with 12F (forward) + 3R (invert) transmission technology, Dual Clutch, and 4WD (H-M-L).
  • This ensures flawless execution and a stress-free work environment on the farms.
  • High-precision control valves and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1700 kg make them ideal for handling heavy tasks swiftly and correctly.
  • Balers are carried out by SLIPTO using basic processes.

Yuvo Tech+ Series Tractors:

  1. 275 Yuvo Tech+
  2. 405 Yuvo Tech+ 
  3. 415 Yuvo Tech+ 
  4. 475 Yuvo Tech+
  5. 575 Yuvo Tech+
  6. 585 Yuvo Tech+

Hemant Sikka, President of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd’s Farm Equipment Sector, stated, “The Yuvo Tech+ lives up to its brand promise of “Technology Mein No.1, Har Kam Mein No. 1,” which aligns with Mahindra Farm Equipment’s mission of “Transforming Farming and Enriching Lives.” With farmers adopting emerging technology to increase speed and efficiency, the Yuvo Tech+ is the most advanced and adaptable tractor in its sector, designed to provide a winning formula of productivity, comfort, and savings for improved earnings for Indian farmers. We are certain that by launching these items from the Yuvo Tech+ series, we will be able to further solidify our leadership position in the tractor market.”

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