75% subsidy will be given on solar pumps in agriculture through Kusum Yojana.

75% subsidy will be given on solar pumps in agriculture through Kusum Yojana.


Solar Pump Subsidy: Know How To Apply For Agriculture Solar Pump: Adequate arrangement of water is necessary if agriculture is to be done. It is said that without water everything is dead. Many irrigation resources have come for advanced and modern farming, but for all this, tube wells are needed and how can this tube well run without solar or electricity. Let us inform here that the government is giving subsidies to the farmers to raise irrigation resources.

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Although many schemes of the central and state government are going on, if we talk about solar pump agriculture connection, then up to 75 percent subsidy is given to the farmers by the Haryana government on this. One of these schemes is Kusum Yojana. In this post of TractorJunction, you are being given complete information about the Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme, which can prove to be very useful for the farmer brothers.

Haryana government is giving subsidy: The Haryana government is giving a 75 percent subsidy to the farmers of the state on solar pumps. If you are a resident farmer of Haryana state, then by applying online today, you can take advantage of this scheme on Solar Pump Agriculture Connection.


Let us inform here that earlier farmers had to apply offline for electricity connection or agricultural pump connection for irrigation. Now, this process has become completely online. Behind doing this, the Irrigation Department believes that when farmers used to apply offline for pump connection, they had to face many difficulties. Now by applying online for solar pumps, up to 75 percent subsidy can be availed on its purchase.

Importance of irrigation in agriculture: India is an agricultural country. About 70 percent of the population here is directly and indirectly connected with agriculture. At the same time, there are many types of business related to agriculture such as fisheries, poultry, animal husbandry, etc.

If there is an adequate irrigation system in agriculture, then only other ancillary businesses will be able to run. In the summer season, there is a high requirement of water in Zaid crops, so solar pump agriculture connection is the lowest cost and better irrigation resource. This subsidy is also available in Haryana.

Solar pump 60 percent subsidy in Rajasthan: Let us inform you here that like Haryana, farmers in Rajasthan are given subsidies up to 60 percent for installing solar pumps. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has invited farmers to apply for this scheme under Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme 2021-2022. To save electricity, the government has started the Rajasthan Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme.

What is the Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme: On behalf of the Rajasthan government, a 60 percent subsidy is given to the farmers of their state under the subsidy scheme based on solar energy. In this, 40 percent amount has to be given to the farmers. If farmers do not have the ability to pay even this amount, then they can take a loan of 30 percent from the bank. Solar pumps are provided with 3 hp and 5 hp capacity depending on the size of the land.

Purpose of Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme: The government is encouraging farmers to reduce the cost of farmers and use solar energy. Keeping this in mind, Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme has been started. Irrigation through solar pumps will reduce the additional burden of electricity and diesel expenditure of the farmers. This will also increase their income. There the social standard of living will improve.

This is the eligibility for the Rajasthan Solar Pump Scheme:

Farmers who have their own land can apply to this scheme. There should be at least 0.5 hectares of land.

Only the native residents of Rajasthan can apply to this scheme.

Small and marginal farmers get priority.

Those farmers who are using electric pumps through electricity connections will not be eligible for this scheme.

In the areas of the state which have been declared as dark zones, applications will be taken only if there are tube wells or wells.

To set up a solar pump plant on your farm, the distance from the power grid to the farm should be at least 300 km.

Required documents in Solar Pump Subsidy Scheme:

The documents required by the applicant farmer under the Chief Minister Solar Agriculture Pump Grant Scheme are as follows-

Any one of the applicant farmer’s identity cards, Aadhar cards, Bhamashah cards, etc.

Affidavit to abide by the terms and conditions attached to the scheme.

Verification certificate for application eligibility.

Verification certificate by the supplier for the solar pump.

A technical report was issued by the supplier for the solar pump.

2 passport-size photographs.

Photocopy of bank passbook.

land-related documents khasra khatauni.

crop girdawari report.

Agriculture connection receipt in the electricity department.

How to apply for Solar Scheme: The process which is followed for application in Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme is as follows-

To join this scheme, first, you have to go to the office of the electricity department in your area. There the prescribed amount has to be deposited at least 1000 rupees. After that, you have to apply.

After approval for the application, take a printout of it.

Fill out the information asked in the application carefully and do not forget to attach the required documents.

Now submit this form to the Horticulture Development Society office of your district.

Benefits of Rajasthan Solar Energy Subsidy: Along with the subsidy given on solar pumps in Rajasthan, there are many benefits of this scheme. The solar energy costs less than electricity. With the savings that will be made, the farmer can use it for his other works. After installing the solar pump, the responsibility of maintenance for seven years lies with the supplier firm itself.

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