Tractor Trailer Price in India

Tractor Trailer Price in India

“Tractor Trailer Price in India”

One of the basic implementations that are very useful in Indian farming is ‘Trailer’. Presently, there are a larger number of trailers produced by the different Tractor and farm implement brands that are available for sale. Here, we are discussing the best Trailers in India with their price and specific information. 

Eicher Trailers

Eicher is the most pioneer tractor brand that produces a large number of tractors, farm implements at different prices across the country. Eicher company manufactures the heavy loading capacity of trailers for different purposes. Some of the popular Eicher tractor-trailers with their features, specifications, and prices are as follows:

Eicher Pro 6040 GCW Tractor Trailer 

Eicher Tractor Trailers are strong trailers, perform superbly in features, and are also available in an easy way from the dealers. Eicher Pro 6040 GCW tractor-trailer comes with a strong proven VEDX5 engine delivering the best power and torque combination in its segment.

It comes with specific features like 240 HP of engine power, 900 NM Torque, with excellent proven powered engine technology Pro 6040 trailer saves every drop of the fuel tank. It can work for long hours due to robust and rugged aggregates with the superb technology of service networks. 

This powerful trailer is ideal for multiple applications like steel coil, auto carriers, LPG bullets, etc. Eicher Trailers are comfortable with the operator’s driven service.

Eicher Pro 6040 GCW Tractor Trailers price starts from Rs 28.50 Lac, Though, Pro 6040 GCW tractor-trailer prices vary from one state to another. 

Eicher Pro 6055 

Eicher Pro 6055 tractor-trailer is again the most significant performance trailer, is easy to work for long hours and is available with advanced features.  The Pro 6055 trailer is suitable for applications like ISO Containers, Cement, Coal, Blue Metal, Market Load, ODC, Steel coil, and many more.

Eicher Pro 6055 trailer is equipped with advanced features like the global cabin ensures the perfect operating system for the driver for an easy and safe journey, high torque for the better pickup, superb gradeability, easy and faster turnaround, and higher productivity. 

Eicher Pro 6055 provides comfortability, reliability, ease to operate, and can work for longer hours. Eicher Pro 6055 price starts from Rs 35.37 Lac. Though, Pro 6040 GCW tractor-trailer prices vary from one state to another. 

Eicher Pro 6046

Eicher Pro 6046 comes with specific features like greater driver efficiency, superior uptime, easy maintenance, best productivity, and good overall performance. It is a 260 HP powerful engine tractor-trailer.

It has 7700 displacements in CC, 350 Litres of excellent fuel tank capacity, 6 cylinders, 18 tires, 45500 Kg of GCW overall weight, 3200 mm of wheelbase, 2560 mm overall width, etc. 

Eicher Pro 6046 Trailer price in India starts from Rs 32.26 Lac. Though the price varies from region to region. 

Mahindra Trailers

Mahindra Farm Equipment tractor company produces a large number of tractors and implements. Trailers are also one of the most important tractor farm implement machines that are used for carrying heavy goods of materials from one place to another. 

Some of the popular range of tractor-trailer models with their features, specifications are as follows:

Mahindra Blazo X 55

Mahindra Blazo X 55 is the most popular tractor-trailer is a big cargo trailer tractor with greater mileage and excellent performance. Mahindra Blazo X 55 is available with specific features like high torque, smart engine with multimode switches, driver information system.

Keeping in mind the operators’ driven system with next-gen features proper cabin and better efficiency.  

Mahindra Blazo X 55 is a specialized tractor-trailer implement price starts from Rs 37.35 lac. This trailer is excellent in performance, greater at productivity. This trailer is produced with greater gradeability, perfect turning radius.

It is equipped with 415 liters of fuel tank capacity, 22 tires, air brakes with parking brakes, Manual Transmitted with a 9-Speed gearbox system. Mahindra Blazo X 55 is superior in performance. 

Mahindra Blazo X 46 

Mahindra Blazo X 46 is the efficient and prominent tractor-trailer performer for the different types of operation with several applications. Mahindra Blazo X 46 is equipped with a chassis AC cabin.

It is superb in saving money and fuel efficiency. It works effectively and efficiently. Mahindra Blazo X 46 price starts from Rs 31.11 Lac.   

Ashok Leyland 5525 

Ashok Leyland 5525 is the top modular Leyland trailer popular amongst the customers.’ Ashok Leyland 5525 trailer is excellent in mileage with 375 liters of fuel tank capacity. It works for long hours and is easy to carry applications like 

It has specific features like maximum torque, A- series technology-based engine system, 10 tires, 3900 mm of wheelbase, superb seats for the comfort of the driver. Ashok Leyland 5525 price starts from Rs 39.14 Lac. The price of Ashok Leyland 5525 varies from one region to another. 

These were some of the popular Tractor Trailer implements that are most important for different types of usages. The above tractor-trailers are very popular and affordable for the heavy work of loading of different applications.

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