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About Eicher Tractors Tractors

Eicher Tractor Information

Eicher tractor is known to be the manufacturer of tractors in agricultural machinery and engines. It is one of the oldest companies established in 1936 by Josef and Albert Eicher. The first diesel tractor with a 14.7 KW diesel engine was built. 

These tractors are well established in India by the name of  Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd. along with the Goodearth Company of New Delhi, India comes best in low prices, low maintenance and generates revenue from farmers and operators. 

Eicher Tractors offers 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive tractors ranging from 18 HP to 50 HP. These Tractor engines are robust, low maintenance, low price, fuel-efficient, and contribute to the revenue of farmers and other commercial operators.

Eicher tractor price starts at rs. 2.90 Lakh in India

Eicher Tractor History

Eicher is one of the best leading companies for manufacturing tractors, agricultural machinery, and engines. EICHER tractors are renowned for their high value for money proposition, providing cost-effective and proficient products packed with some of the finest global technology. 

EICHER tractors are efficient, economical and offer an Umeed Se Zyada experience.

Eicher Tractor was a manufacturer of tractors, agricultural machinery, and Tractor engines. Eicher tractor company was founded in 1936 by the brothers Josef and Albert Eicher in the Upper Bavaria town of Forstner. 

The company brand "Eicher" was last used in Europe in 2009 by the Dutch agricultural machinery dealer Hissink & Zonen and is still in use today in India at Eicher Goodearth which manufactures agriculture tractors & commercial vehicles by this name. In 1959, 

Eicher company set up the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd along with the Goodearth Company of New Delhi, India, and started production in 1960 of Indian-built Eicher tractors.

EicherTractor Facts

Demands of tractors vary from state and the requirements of farmers. Some states like Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh are the farming states and have high demands for tractors, types of machinery, and equipment. 

Eicher tractor is in high demand for providing cost-effective, money proposition, and some of the finest global technology.

It provides dual-wheel drive features with engine HP ranging from 18 HP to 50 HP. 

The Eicher Group has multiple business interests in manufacturing, design, and development, and local and international marketing of trucks, buses, automotive gears, and components. 

Eicher has invested in the potential growth areas of management consultancy services, customized engineering, etc.

Eicher Tractor In India

  • Eicher 312 - Eicher 312 tractor is one of the foremost choices of Indian Farmers. Eicher tractor is one of the innovative models manufactured by this brand. Eicher 312 is a 30 HP tractor and has the ability to produce 2150 RPM and can generate 21.3 HP PTO. Eicher 312 price on-road then it starts at 4.47 Lac. Eicher 312 consists of mechanical steering. Eicher 312 is fixed with disc brakes.
  • Eicher 380 - Eicher 380 tractor is one of the foremost choices of Indian Farmers. Eicher tractor model 380 is one of the advanced features models manufactured by this brand. Eicher 380 hp is a 40 HP engine tractor and has the ability to produce 2150 RPM and can generate 34.0 HP PTO. This tractor has 3 cylinders. Eicher 380 has an Inline fuel pump type with 45 liters of tank capacity.  Eicher 380 weights 1980 Kg. If we talk about the Eicher tractor 380 price on-road then it starts at 5.00 Lac.
  • Eicher 5150 - Eicher 5150 Eicher 5150 is a 50 HP tractor. Eicher 5150 can work at 2150 RPM. Eicher 5150 has 355 mm ground clearance. Eicher 5150 tractor has a single clutch system. Eicher 5150 consists of mechanical steering. It is available at a road price at 6 lac.
  • Eicher 371 Super Power - Eicher 371 Super Power is available with advanced features and beneficial to Indian Farmers.  Eicher 371 Super Power is a 37 HP tractor and has the ability to produce 2150 RPM.  Eicher Gadi can load 1200 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity. This tractor is available in 2WD modes. It comes with a combination of constant and sliding mesh transmission systems. If we talk about the Eicher 371 Super Power price on-road then it starts from 4.75 Lac.

Why Choosing Eicher Tractor

  • Best in designing and development of tractors.
  • Provide a highly effective cost system.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy availability of equipment.
  • Eicher tractor prices are affordable in the market.

Eicher Tractor Dealers and Services

Eicher tractor provides its best services on the official website of or else service center of So, if you are looking forward to any queries or planning to purchase the Eicher tractors, Khetigaadi is the best option to gather information. For more details check onto the KhetiGaadi website i.e. or download  KhetiGaadi Mobile App.

Eicher Tractor Price in India

Tractor Model    Tractor HPNo of CylinderEicher Tractor Price
Eicher Tractors 18818 HP1 Cylinder3.40 - 4.00 Lac
Eicher 24125 HP1 Cylinder3.90 - 4.60 Lac
Eicher 24225 HP1 Cylinder4.00 - 4.25 Lac
Eicher 312 2WD30 HP2 Cylinder5.50 - 6.10 Lac
Eicher 36435 HP2 Cylinder5.80 - 6.56 Lac
Eicher 33336 HP3 Cylinder5.00 - 5. 75 Lac
Eicher 368 2WD36 HP3 Cylinder6.00 - 6.05 Lac
Eicher 371 Super Power37 HP3 Cylinder5.00 - 5.70 Lac
Eicher 38040 HP3 Cylinder6.00 - 6.25 Lac
Eicher 48042 HP3 Cylinder6.90 - 7.15 Lac
Eicher 48545 HP3 Cylinder7.00 - 7.60 Lac
Eicher 54848 HP3 Cylinder6.95 - 7. 35 Lac
Eicher 55149 HP3 Cylinder6.80 - 7.80 Lac
Eicher 55750 HP3 Cylinder7.00 - 7.75 Lac
Eicher 515050 HP3 Cylinder6.50- 7.00 Lac
Eicher 566050 HP3 Cylinder7.00 - 7.25 Lac
Eicher 565050 HP3 Cylinder6.55 - 6.57 Lac
Eicher 333 Super Plus
36 HP3 Cylinder5.10 - 5.30 Lakh
Eicher 65060 HP3 Cylinder8.10 - 8.50 Lakh
Eicher 333 Super Plus
36HP3 Cylinder
5.10 - 5.30 Lakh

Best Eicher Tractor Models in India 2022

Best Eicher Tractors in India, Eicher 241 Mini Tractor, Eicher 242 Mini Tractor, Eicher 312 Tractor, Eicher 333 Tractor, Eicher 364 Tractor, Eicher 368 Tractor, Eicher 380 Tractor, Eicher 480 Tractor, Eicher 485 Tractor, Eicher 548 Tractor, Eicher 551 Tractor, Eicher 557 Tractor, Eicher 5660 Tractor.

Eicher Tractor Key Points For Farmer

  • It made an unbreakable reputation in India The main achievements that justify that Why Eicher is the best tractor company in India
  • All Eicher Tractors models save more money and get more profit.
  • Eicher Tractors always introduced new and latest high Technology-based tractor at Affordable prices
  • Eicher Tractors has a Tough and durable body and engine
  • The maintenance costs of the tractors are less as compared to other tractor brands.

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