Top 5 Kubota Farm Equipments in India

Top 5 Kubota Farm Equipments in India

In order to produce high-quality products in your area, selecting the appropriate agricultural equipment and tractor is essential. Farm machinery and equipment must meet the needs and wants of the farmer. By selecting the appropriate agricultural equipment, farmers may increase profits, reduce operational expenses, and grow more crops with less labor. Because soil and weather conditions have an impact on farm machine performance. 

Never rely on a machine’s appearance alone. Purchase a farming machine from a reputable manufacturer, such as a company like Kubota. Look for the most recent models with the best features that satisfy your needs in this blog of KhetiGaadi.

About Kubota Brand:

The “Made-in-Japan” Kubota tractors company have led the market ever since Kubota first introduced their farm tractors in 1960. Today, Kubota provides a broad range of machines, from tiny to large tractors, for various scales and purposes. Additionally, Kubota’s tractor-mounted tools are made for a variety of activities, including harrowing and ploughing. The superior performance and dependability of Kubota have contributed to the company’s solid global reputation. Kubota will continue to be dedicated to research and development while expanding the possibilities for large-scale commercial farming and paying close attention to regional requirements. Kubota will keep developing and empowering the agricultural industry.

The following top Kubota equipment needs to be taken into account while buying agricultural equipment:

  1. Kubota Power Tiller PEM140DI:

 KUBOTA RT1 40DI-EM is exceptionally powerful and capable of operating continuously at high revolutions per minute is included, and an 80 cm wide rotational aids in distributing power during soil pulverization. The KUBOTA RT140DI-EM diesel engine’s direct-injection mechanism generates a powerful explosion that forces the piston downward. This leads to increased fuel efficiency and longer heavy-duty performance operating hours. It comes with a Pressurized radiator and a crankshaft-driven cooling fan engine cooling system. The engine type of this model is 4-Cycles, horizontal piston, water-cooled, direct-injection diesel engine. It is also installed with a Flywheel cover and muffler heat shield as a safety cover.

The ductile cast iron used to make the gearbox case offers a high level of crash resistance. KUBOTA also offers a lifetime warranty on the transmission casing.

The reversible and detachable internal gear type steering clutch is patented. When one clutch side is worn out, the operator can reverse the clutch side.

The power tiller’s lifespan would also be increased by the large chain and fully-sealed bearing that shield the metal chip from the interior.

The air cleaner adaptor in the KUBOTA RT140DI-EM will shield the air cleaner from splashes of dirt and mud and filter the air delivered to the combustion chamber, preventing erosive wear and extending the engine’s lifespan.

  1. Kubota Rice Transplanter SPV – 6MD:

The SPV-6’s power source, a Kubota diesel engine, is incredibly resilient, fuel-efficient, and long-lasting, which enhances operational performance. Low noise and clean emissions are further benefits. Simply pressing the high torque shift lever boosts torque by a factor of 1.4, making traversing on ridges considerably simpler while also promoting smoother, more effective operations in sticky, muddy environments. The SPV-6 performs remarkably well in muddy and rainy paddy fields thanks to its large rear wheels (950 mm in diameter) and high minimum ground clearance of 500 mm. The automatic horizontal control (Auto Monroe System) automatically activates to maintain the transplanting unit in a horizontal position in undulating operations situations that are likely to cause the plough pan to tilt. When tilting of the transplanting unit is unavoidable like during surgeries along a ridge, this capability is extremely useful.

  1. Kubota Rice Transplanter NSP-4W: 

The Kubota company Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter is an affordable option that is the best choice when beginning the process of automation in order to achieve exceptional operational efficiency and increased profitability. This model is of the entry-level type and has a flexible size that can be easily used with agility and effectiveness even in small places. This results in operational efficiency that is vastly higher and labor costs that are significantly lower than those that may be obtained by labor-intensive manual transplanting. The outcome is a higher level of output that leads to a new degree of expert agricultural excellence.

This Kubota company Model NSP-4W comes with a water-cooled cooling system installed in it. The engine type of this machine is an Air-cooled, 4-cycle, OHV gasoline engine. This machine works with the engine revolution speed of 2.6 {3.5} /3,000 MAX [3.2 {4.3}] (kW {PS} / rpm).

  1. Kubota Rice Transplanter NSD – 8: 

High-Output Diesel Engine: The Kubota Model NSD8 Rice Transplanter’s powerful, 3-cylinder Kubota Diesel engine is made at the Japanese company’s engine plant. It provides ample power even for activities in extremely wet or deep paddies since it is durable and reliable. Elimination of concerns regarding the possibility of engine failure: delivers all the strength and power required to carry out tasks when unexpectedly big loads may be encountered, including in particularly soggy or deep paddies.

Low fuel usage, little noise, and high durability The Kubota E-TVCS Combustion Method is exceptionally steady and offers excellent fuel efficiency, minimal noise, and vibration in addition to superior combustion performance. Additionally, its effectiveness and longevity

  1. Kubota Combine Harvester V2403-M-DI-TE-CS1T:

This Kubota Combine Harvester V2403-M-DI-TE-CS1T comes with a water-cooled cooling system installed in it. The engine type of this machine is a Water-Cooled 4-Cycle 4-Cylinder Vertical Diesel Engine[WithTurbocharger]. It comes with a maximum fuel tank capacity of 60 liters. This strong Equipment comes with 4 cylinders. This combine harvester has a total weight of 3200 kg.

The height and Width of this machine are 2800 mm and 2245 mm respectively.

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