The Top 5 Mini Tractors in India

India is an agricultural country consisting of a wide variety of farmers demanding new and advanced tractor and implement technologies. Nowadays, farming is done much more on a small piece of land rather than on large land. But it is difficult to farm on a small land with a large tractor as it cannot provide as much compactness in agriculture operations as a mini tractor can do. Hence the concept of mini tractors in India originated from there. Mini tractors are the small tractors which come in the range of 11-40hp with excessively high power which can easily perform each and every operation with any agricultural implement in highly difficult conditions.

These mini tractors are precisely made for the farmers who want to farm on a small piece of lands. It offers you the same features as the bigger tractor but in customized wheel track, height, weight and turning radius, etc. Farmers can buy these mini tractors from the online marketplace for agriculture tractors and implements. Let us see India’s top 5 mini tractors.

1. Mahindra JIVO 245-

Mahindra tractor company is the leading tractor brand in India. They always work on the ground realities and thus Mahindra JIVO 245 is the best example of it. Mahindra JIVO 245 is the most sold mini tractors in India consisting of highly efficient DI engine of 86Nm torque. It is best in mileage and offers many operations at low cost. This tractor has higher ground clearance and is best suited for spraying in vineyards and intercultural operations.

Here are the specifications of Mahindra JIVO 245 tractor-

•         Engine Power – 24 HP

•         Cylinders – 2

•         Wheel Drive – 4WD

•         Fuel Tank Capacity – 23Ltr

•          Forward Gear – 8

•         Reverse Gear – 4

•         Lifting Capacity – 750 Kgf

•         Engine Rated RPM – 2300

•         Brake Types – Oil-immersed Brakes

•         Best Price – INR 3.65 Lakhs (On-road)

2. Kubota B2741 Neostar-

Kubota B2741 Neostar is a masterpiece of the Kubota company presenting a highly durable and reliable engine. It also offers ECO-PTO technology which gives 30% less fuel efficiency. This tractor is easily accessible to all
implements performing operations in highly tough conditions. It also provides a
shorter turning radius of 2.1m making operations easily performed.

Let’s see the specification of Kubota B2741 Neostar-

•          Engine Power – 27 HP

•          Cylinders – 3

•          Wheel Drive – 4WD

•          Fuel Tank Capacity – 23Ltr

•          Forward Gear – 9

•          Reverse Gear – 3

•          Lifting Capacity – 750 Kgf

•          Engine Rated RPM – 540@1830

•          Brake Types – Oil-immersed Brakes

•          Best Price – INR 5.45 Lakhs (On-road)

3. VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT-

VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT is one of the best mini tractors with the highly fuel-efficient and powerful engine. It can perform almost every operation and is easily accessible to implements like cultivator, seed drill, front end loader, baler, plough and many more.

Let’s see the specifications of VST Shakti MT 270 VIRAAT-

•          Engine Power – 27 HP

•          Cylinders – 4

•          Wheel Drive – 4WD

•          Fuel Tank Capacity – 18Ltr

•          Forward Gear – 6

•          Reverse Gear – 2

•          Engine Rated RPM – 540@2750

•          Brake Types – Internal Expanding Shoe Type

          Best Price – INR 4.22 Lakhs (On-road)

4. John Deere 3028EN-

This little master from John Deere family is known as Super Specialty tractor, which is best suited for vineyards, vegetable crops and intercultural operation. John Deere Tractor Models 3028EN offers a compact design with a narrow tractor width getting access to various tough operations. Various tractor implements like a
rotary tiller, cultivator and 2 Bottom Ridge are specially designed for John Deere 3028EN.

Let us look on the specifications of John Deere 3028EN-

•          Engine Power – 28 HP

•          Cylinders – 3

•          Wheel Drive – 4WD

•          Fuel Tank Capacity – 32Ltr

•          Forward Gear – 8

•          Reverse Gear – 8

•          Lifting Capacity – 910 kgf

•          Engine Rated RPM – 2800

          Brake Types – Oil Immersed Brakes

•          Best Price – INR 5.65 Lakhs (On-road)

5. Force Abhiman 4×4-

With the unmatched power Force Abhiman 4×4 is highly powerful and can work in full capacity without overheating. It consists of a separate lever to operate PTO clutch independently making fuel-efficient and saving pesticides. It is easily accessible various implements performing operations in brutal conditions.

 Let’s have a glance on the specifications of Force Abhiman 4×4–

•          Engine Power – 27 HP

          Cylinders – 3

•          Wheel Drive – 2WD

•          Fuel Tank Capacity – 29Ltr

•          Forward Gear – 8

•          Reverse Gear – 4

•          Lifting Capacity – 900kgf

•          Engine Rated RPM – 2200

•          Brake Types – Fully Oil Immersed Multiplate Sealed Disk Breaks

•          Best Price – INR 4.90 Lakhs (On-road)

The above-mentioned description is a small effort and study in buying tractors. These are the best mini tractors in India with specifications. It will also help in buying and selling tractors and implements.