MF 244 Puddling Special -Benefits To The Farmers

MF 244 Puddling Special -Benefits To The Farmers

In the field of tractor industry, the world’s third-largest manufacturer industry TAFE-Tractors And Farm Equipment industry has launched the new range of tractor names Mf 244 DI Puddling Special tractor, especially for paddy cultivation.

Massey Ferguson 244 is a powerful tractor with 4 wheel drive that comes under the 45 HP range of the powerful engine. 

Tractor by Massey Ferguson brand is always known for powerful working in the fields. Implements with different categories work differently on the field for multiple functions. Also, MF 244 DI Puddling Special tractor functions easily in muddy areas.

The 4 wheel drive tractor is efficient in working with unfavorable weather and land conditions. It is good for land preparation, threshing systems.

Massey Ferguson 244 DI is launched for the farmers of Andhra Pradesh. It is a versatile tractor known for excellent performance and better productivity and helpful to the farmers for saving.

The company has built an economic range of tractors with advanced technology and solutions. The TAFE has pioneered with specialized engineers and works effectively after being tested and given to customers. 

Massey Ferguson 244 DI Powerful Engine and Features

  • Massey Ferguson 244 DI is available with 44 HP of a powerful engine. It is also powered by Simpson Torque that is able to provide more power, more torque, more fuel efficiency. It is high in demand amongst the farmers. MF 244 DI tractor is suitable for agricultural operations. 
  • It works for longer hours. Tractor MF 244 DI puddling Special is equipped with 1700 Kg of lifting hydraulics capacity, durable and dependable Maxx oil-immersed brakes, perfect Powervator clutch, convenient and efficient gearboxes, with Ultra Planetary Plus technology MF 244 DI Puddling special tractor is good for cultivation purposes. 
  • MF 244 DI is good in fuel efficiency and can save upto rupees 60 thousand on annual savings. 
  • MF 244 DI comes at uniform tillage and helps in reducing the wheel slippage for the tractor’s effortless puddling and works effectively for longer operations. TAFE, the major exporter of India, believes in providing a high range of tractors with effective functioning and more power. 
  • Massey Ferguson 244 DI has 55 liters of fuel tank capacity that works for longer hours of operation. MF 244 DI Puddling Special offers some accessories like Oil pipe kit, chain stabilizer, mobile charger, front bumper, and many more. 

Uses OF MF 244 DI Puddling Special

  • Massey Ferguson 244 DI Puddling Special is useful for many prospects. Hence, for farmers, it deals with easy functioning and saves much time in operation. It is a customer-centric tractor offering from TAFE is known for greater value and powerful working efficiency.  
  • MF 244 DI Puddling special is designed for paddy cultivation and excels in shadow puddling or dry land area. It works efficiently and effectively in the fields. Also, the puddling special tractor MF 244 DI is available in two variants- MF 244 DI PM works effectively with Direct Drive technology that is able to work in dryland areas and MF 244 PD is able to work with deep mud conditions. 
  • MF 244 DI is ideal to work with heavy applications like Baler, Thresher, Reversible Mouldboard Plough, and heavy-duty haulage. 

Massey Ferguson 244 DI Is Affordable in Price 

Massey Ferguson 244 DI tractor price range is nominal in price and can be easily purchased by marginal farmers. The two unique MF 244 tractor models are appropriate and easy to operate. 

TAFE is the second-largest tractor brand in India that produces a large number of tractor and farm mechanizations for the use of agriculture and farming. 

TAFE tractors are specially designed for Andhra Pradesh farmers for the effective working of tillage systems. TAFE works effectively with heavy applications and is suitable for all agriculture and commercial farming usages. TAFE all tractors are powerful and easy to use.

An eco-friendly tractor Massey Ferguson 244 DI has enriched the highest demand of the tractors. Also, MF tractor 244 DI is effective and works smoothly at all levels of unfavorable land conditions. The tractors come with classic and unique designs and attract the farmers. 

Hence, the new arrival of Massey Ferguson tractor 244 Puddling Special enumerates with high technology and wide functioning in agriculture and farming operations.

Though it is more applicable with heavy applications like rotavator, Powervator, threshers, Baler, Reversible Mould Board Plough, haulage, etc. If you are an Andhra Pradesh farmer and thinking of purchasing the tractor then don’t think much and go ahead with more inquiry details with  And download KhetiGaadi Mobile Application.

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