Tips for buying a Second Hand (Used) Tractor

Tips for buying a Second Hand (Used) Tractor

Agricultural technology is vastly emerging in the current era and in developing countries like India. Farmers are prone to use more advanced types of machinery and tractors, however, it is not possible for all farmers to buy technologically advanced types of machinery as their costs are not that much affordable to every buyer. Hence, based on the situations and needs sometimes buyers have to take the decision of buying a used tractor.  Obviously, buying a new tractor will give the buyer a comfort of being manufactured at the right specifications, tractor warranty along with a proper invoice and other tractor ownership documents. However, when it’s about buying a second-hand tractor the buyer can be less worried by taking a few precautions and following used tractor buying guide manual.

There are a number of
used tractor dealers in the market from whom you can buy second-hand tractors.
Buying a tractor is a one-time investment and should be done with caution.
Hence, for the help of such buyers, we have come up with below-mentioned tips
for buying a second-hand tractor.

1. Research and decide, the type of tractor you need –

Well, it’s good that you have decided to buy a tractor. Now it’s time to decide exactly which kind you need. There several types of tractors in the market. Such as,

Utility Tractors:

 This type of tractors are used to carry out general-purpose
chores like hay production, excavation, etc. and are slightly bigger than
compact utility tractors.

Compact Utility

These tractors are the smaller version of the
agricultural tractors. These are primarily used for nursery work and

Row Crop Tractors:

These tractors are larger in size and are used to pull tractor implements used in fields.

4WD Tractors:

These tractors are especially used in leveling the land and are
larger in size than other general purpose tractors.  They mainly pull tillage
and planting implements

After studying the type of tractor and its use, it is advisable to
go for buying the tractor.

2. Always keep in mind that you are not buying a car, It’s a Tractor –

When opting to buy a second-hand tractor, the buyer must have a
keen sense that it is not a car and hence, should not think from the
perspective of buying a car.  For instance, A car may be good for 10-15
years on road but not after that but at the same time a tractor if maintained
carefully for 30 years can also be a good option to buy.

3. Choose a trustworthy brand –

There are several tractor brands in the market to buy from, such as Mahindra, John Deere, Swaraj, Sonalika, Kubota, Escorts, etc.  These brands are tried and tested by a lot of users, based on their reviews and a little more research about the brand you can take the right decision.

4. Enquire about the previous owner –

It is important to know, that who owned the tractor which you wish
to buy. As the tractor’s real condition and ability to perform can be judged by
this. If the tractor is previously owned by a farmer then chances are that it
may be an important member of their family and hence, maintained properly.
However, if the tractor is previously owned by any commercial operator, then
chances are that it may not have been maintained properly as a result of using
for heavy works by different operators.

5. Inspect the tractor –

  • First, check the number of hours for which the tractor is used. If the average use of tractor per year exceeds 900-1000, then think whether to buy that tractor or not as it is used for more than normal hours and hence, may require higher maintainance in the future.
  • Turn on the tractor, and when it’s warm check if there is an issue of blowing by removing the engine’s oil cap.
  • Check what type of coolant is used.
  • Check whether the clutch and the brake pedals are worn or not.
  • Check the tire conditions, as tractor tires are pretty expensive to buy. While checking the tire, look for any cracks, cuts or bubbles in it. Check whether the tire is original or remolded.
  • Just like you do while buying a new car, go for a test drive of your tractor. While doing so, check for any smoke from the engine, abnormal noises from gear transmissions. Also, check the hydraulics and other electricals.

6. Verify all the documents –

While buying a used tractor, the most important task is to check
whether you have got all the documents or not. The checklist is as follows:

Original Invoice

Insurance Proof

Tax Payment Receipts

Registration Certificate

Ownership Transfer Certificate

If any of the above-mentioned documents are missing then you
should immediately ask for it as this may indicate anomalies.

7. Verify the tractor dealer-

Process of buying a second-hand tractor needs to be done systematically. The used tractors need to be serviced by the verified used tractor dealer.

Keeping all the above-mentioned information in mind and following all the steps while buying a second-hand tractor will help you to take the right decision.