Digitrac Tractor Price

Digitrac Tractor Price

The tractor industry plays a vital role in the agriculture sector. There are so many brands of tractors in the market that are fulfilling the need of the farmers.

Farmers always demand tractors that are useful for their farmlands and also provided all essential features and affordable prices.

The newly launched tractor brand Digitrac is highly commendable and the first digital tractor brand especially manufactures for the Indian farmers’ keeping in mind their requirements.

Digitrac Tractor Price

Digitrac initially launches a few tractor models in India and is famous for its mix of international and Indian touch styles and features.

Digitrac tractor comes in a wide range of 47 HP to 60HP tractors. Digitrac tractors are highly propelled by the Escorts group. In this blog, we have discussed Digitrac tractor price, features, and general specifications.

Digitrac PP 51i

Digitrac PP 51i is the highly efficient tractor known for better performance, greater productivity, longer working hours of operation, best in handling implements.

Moreover, Digitrac Tractor PP 51i comes with 5 years of warranty. It is best used for commercial and agricultural purposes.

Digitrac PP 51i is a 60 HP tractor with a greater power engine, 1800 KG of lifting hydraulic capacity, 2470 Kg of total weight, oil-immersed brakes help from preventing low slippage, 60 liters of the highest fuel tank capacity, 7.5×16 front tires, and 16.9×28 rear tires.

Digitrac PP 51i comes with additional features like Real Power – 51 HP PTO Power, Suitable for all big Implements, 24 X 7 direct connect, fully loaded, full power, etc. Digitrac PP 51i price is economical and costs Rs 6.80 Lac.

The On-road-price of the tractor varies from region to region. To know more about Digitrac PP 51i contact KhetiGaadi executives.

Digitrac PP 43i

Digitrac PP 43i is a 47 HP power engine tractor that generates 2000 engine-rated RPM. It comes with a variety of features including 3 cylinders, a dual-clutch feature, balanced power steering, 60 liters of maximum fuel tank capacity, and oil-immersed brakes.

This tractor is provided with a 5 year of warranty, including additional features like 24X7 direct connect, full-on power, full-on features, best suitable for implements like rotavator, cultivation, Ploughing, etc.

Digitrac PP 43i is economical in price. The price of Digitrac PP 43i costs Rs 5.85 Lac. On-road price varies from region to region. To know more about Digitrac PP 43i contact KhetiGaadi executives.

Digitrac PP 46i

Digitrac PP 46i is the highest power engine tractor with a 50 HP power engine that generates 1850 RPM. It is more suitable for functioning for agricultural and commercial purposes.

Digitrac PP 46i has specific features including a constant mesh gearbox, 60 liters of fuel tank capacity that operates for longer operations, 8 forward, and 2 reverse gears.

Digitrac PP 46i tractor is provided with 5 years of warranty. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor offered with a cool feature.

It has the highest lifting capacity of 1800 KG. It is suitable for operating different crop productions. It is also widely useful for implements like rotavator, cultivator, Plough, etc.

Digitrac PP46i is economical in price. The price Of Digitrac PP 46i costs Rs 6.30 Lac. The On-road-price of the tractor varies from region to region.

To know more about Digitrac PP 46i contact KhetiGaadi executives.

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