4WD Tractor Vs 2WD Tractor: Which Is Puddling Master

4WD Tractor Vs 2WD Tractor: Which Is Puddling Master

Hello Farmers, today we try to solve the question in your mind is that which tractor is perfect for puddling operations for paddy crops. Why farmers prefer 2WD tractor as their puddling master. However, why the 4WD tractor is highly recommended for puddling operations.

Points to be Consider While Choosing Tractor for Puddling Operation-

  • The tractor should be workable in waterlogged conditions.
  • Soil compaction should not take place due to the heavy weight of the tractor.
  • The tractor should be strong enough which can easily be operable in mud.
  • The material of the tractor should be strong enough to resist wetland conditions.
  • Ground clearance of tractors should be high enough to deal with land elevations in mud.
  • Tractors should have a low turning radius which can easily be workable at Indian small paddy fields.
  • The tractor must be equipped with a bevel gear system to avoid water leakage in muddy fields.

Why 4WD Tractors Recommended for Puddling Operations –

No Extra Attachments Required –

When you work with a 4WD tractor in a puddling field, then the only rotavator is your attachment. No need for a cage wheel while working with a 4WD tractor in a paddy field. Rotavator with leveling board is enough for puddling operation.

Farmer can carry rotavator at the field with tractor however in the case of cage wheel they have to arrange extra transport facility for it.

Perfectly Workable in Elevation –

Due to power to all four wheels, 4WD tractors are highly beneficial in muddy paddy fields. Paddy fields are high in elevations due to the muddy and sticky structure of the soil. A perfectly stable tractor like a 4WD tractor is required in the paddy field in concern of operator safety while working.

No Slippage While Working in Wetland Conditions-

In 4WD tractors, power is equally distributed at all four tyres. Power at the front tyre makes them strong enough to put strong foot on the ground as they reduce the chances of slippage in muddy/ wetland conditions.

No Front Lift –

Power transmission arrangement at front axle in 4WD tractor put some extra weight and durability at the front side of the tractor which helps tractor to stay stable in wetland conditions. No front lift occurs in the case of the 4WD tractor which is the best thing in concern with operator safety.

Perfect Body Weight Distribution of 4WD Tractor –

In the case of 4WD tractors, body weight is equally distributed in all four tyres, which makes the tractor more stable in muddy conditions. So, in the case of puddling 4WD tractors are highly recommended.4WD tractors may not be stuck in wetland rice fields.

Less Soil Compaction –

Today soil compaction is the major concern that is generally ignored by farmers due to lack of awareness. However, in concern with crop production, it is the most important issue due to the heavy use of heavily weighted farm machinery. In the case of 4WD tractors, generally, they may not be stuck in mud easily, so soil compaction does not take place at very high intensity.

Less Use of Water-

In the case of 4WD tractors, puddling operation may be done in low water conditions due to a strong tractor base.

Fuel and Time Saver –

When you work with a 4WD tractor in the puddling field then you need not attach any other implement instead of a rotavator. Rotavator with leveling board do perfect puddling operation in just single round, automatically it saves time and fuel required for the task.

Low Turning Radius –

4WD tractor comes with low turning radius which makes them easily operable in small fields. In India rice/paddy fields are generally small in size therefore for puddling operations in such small fields of small and marginal farmers these 4WD tractors are best. 

Work at Constant RPM –

4WD tractors work in a muddy field with constant RPM. There is no need to change RPM as they are strong enough to work in muddy conditions which helps to minimize load on the engine of the tractor.

With all the above benefits, it’s time to keep in mind that 4WD tractors are high in maintenance, they need to change the oil on regular basis and the high initial investment is another concern to Indian small and marginal farmers.

Why 2WD Tractors Preferred by Farmers in Puddling

2WD tractors are generally preferred by Indian farmers in puddling operations because of

  • Low initial cost
  • Low maintenance
  • All-rounder Tractor for Indian conditions

Limitation of 2WD Tractor in Puddling Operation-

  • Need extra attachment of cage wheel and another PTO operated implement
  • Cage wheel badly affects the roads
  • High soil compaction due to high chances of stuck in the mud
  • More rotations are required to complete puddling, which enhances time and fuel consumption

In short, both 2WD and 4WD tractors have their own benefits and limitations, farmers can choose as per their need and budget. But keep in mind that the 4WD tractor is a master of puddling but 2WD tractors have come with multidimensional use.

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