PRIMA G3 Eicher Tractors Series: Tractors with Cutting-Edge Technology

PRIMA G3 Eicher Tractors Series: Tractors with Cutting-Edge Technology

About TAFE-Eicher:

One of the oldest brands in the sector, Eicher Tractors is a well-known household name in India and a symbol of reliability in many other areas of the world. An established name in the agricultural industry, Eicher Tractors is famous for offering highly efficient and effective equipment that is loaded with some of the best available international technology. Eicher Tractors, which are synonymous with toughness and dependability, are effective, inexpensive, and provide farmers with an “Ummeed Se Zyada” experience that exceeds all expectations.

TAFE is one of the top exporters of tractors from India, with revenue above INR 10,000 Crores. It is the second-largest tractor manufacturer by volume in India and the third-largest tractor producer in the world. With its four recognizable brands, Massey Ferguson, TAFE, Eicher, and the Serbian tractor and agricultural equipment TAFE produces a variety of tractors in both the air-cooled and water-cooled platforms. TAFE’s goods and services, which are renowned for their excellent quality and dependability, are offered in more than 100 nations, including industrialized nations in Europe and the Americas.

In addition to tractors and other agricultural equipment, TAFE also produces diesel engines, quiet gensets, agro engines, batteries, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, gears, and transmission components, and also has investments in plantations and automobile franchises. TAFE is devoted to the movement for total quality (TQM). Many “TPM Achievement Awards” from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) as well as a number of other regional awards for TPM excellence have recently been given to various TAFE industrial facilities. With the “Enterprise Integration and Technology Leadership Award” and two “Supply Chain Leadership Awards,” TAFE became the first Indian tractor manufacturer to win the Frost & Sullivan Global Manufacturing Leadership Award in 2018. The 40th Engineering Exports Promotion Council of India – Southern Region Awards (2015-16) has designated TAFE the “Star Performer – Large Enterprise (Agricultural Tractors)” for the 21st consecutive year in honor of its excellent contribution to engineering exports.

Eicher-TAFE on Prima G3 Eicher Tractors:

Eicher NSE -1.83 percent Tractors, a division of Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd NSE -0.06 percent (TAFE) Ltd, announced the introduction of the Eicher Prima G3 Series, a new line of high-end tractors aimed at farmers who value both style and functionality.

The Eicher tractors Brand has been well-known for decades for its trustworthiness, dependability, toughness, and versatility in both the agricultural and commercial spheres. 

The Eicher Prima G3 is a representation of Eicher’s renowned dependability and durability, according to TAFE CEO Sandeep Sinha. The Prima G3 has updated steering controls and ergonomic operator stations for a comfortable, secure, and prolonged period of productive use.

Launch of the New Eicher Tractors PRIMA G3 Range – For Next Generation Farmers:

All-new, high-end tractors from the TAFE Eicher PRIMA G3 Series are now available. The launch responds to the needs of modern Indian farmers. Style, substance, and solidity are all included. Tractors made by Eicher are marketed as having 40 to 60 horsepower. The product lineup combines fashionable design, cutting-edge technology, and comfort-built features.

The top of the new Eicher Tractors PRIMA G3 is aerodynamic. Given the one-touch front-open, single-piece hood, it not only increases the styling aspects but also makes accessing the engine simple. Wrap-around headlights and high-intensity 3D cooling technology are included on the front grille. The location of the Digi NXT on the dashboard allows for greater cross-ventilation and prolonged periods of continuous operation. A spinner knob on the steering wheel allows for simple control.

How Eicher Tractors PRIMA G3 is Developing Next Generation Indian Farmers?

India’s farming industry is a dynamic one. Growth in recent years has increased the range of tractor businesses. Reliability, toughness, and versatility are key customer needs, whether in the commercial or agricultural sector.

Introduce the new PRIMA G3 series, which combines premium automotive perfection in style, fit and finish, and durable build quality, with world-class styling and global technology. The Eicher PRIMA G3 is an example of the company’s renowned dependability and endurance. The ergonomic operator stations and improved steering controls on the PRIMA G3 allow for a pleasant, secure, and extended period of productive use. We’ll see to it that the new Eicher PRIMA G3 series is easily accessible to our customers.

Modern Indian farmers can increase their productivity due to PRIMA G3’s product value proposition. The current market requires agritech solutions and tech-based farming operations. which must then maximize profits from farming enterprises. Agriculture will be “revolutionized” by PRIMA G3.

The engine for the Eicher PRIMA G3 tractors is liquid-cooled:

The high torque capabilities in the Eicher PRIMA G3 line are replete with customer-focused technology. Efficiency is improved with the liquid-cooled Fuel Saver (HT-FS) engine. Higher productivity and fuel cost reductions are then amplified as a result of this.

It fits perfectly with CombiTorq Transmission. Maximal power, torque, and productivity are delivered by its transaxle. Four alternative modes are available for Multispeed PTO. PRIMA G3 can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial applications thanks to its range.

Eicher PRIMA G3 Tractors Features:

There are 4 Eicher Prima G3 Series Tractors available, each with full characteristics and a price. The line is produced by Eicher Motors, a company well-liked by Indian farmers for its stylish tractors and competitive rates. The Eicher Prima G3 combines cutting-edge tractors with strong engines, cutting-edge amenities, comfortable seats, a cool and roomy workspace, etc. There are many different tractors in this tractor series, ranging in horsepower from 40 to 50. Additionally, the Eicher Prima G3’s pricing range is competitive. Also from this series, the top 3 tractors are the 380 4WD Prima G3, the 557 4WD Prima G3, and the 380 2WD Prima G3.

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