Preet 955 tractor review, specifications, features and price in India 2019

Preet 955 Tractor : Preet Industries started from harvester manufacturing, they catered to the changing needs of the market then they decided to start manufacturing tractors in 2004. Their focus is to bring modern technology tractors for a new generation.

The company launched  Preet 955 DI 2WD tractors with an intention to carry out powerful general purpose works in farming such as sowing, harvesting and preplant tillage. The company designed the base module to redesign the tractors used in forestry and communal services.

Specifications of Preet 955 Tractor

Engine – Preet 955 Tractor has powerful engine enabling it to perform strong work, it has 55 HP horsepower and 3065 CC capacity. The engine comes with 3 cylinders

  • Fuel Capacity – 60 Ltr
  • Wheel Drive – 2
  • Brake – Multi Disk – Oil Immersed Brakes and one hand brake
  • Steering – Manual / Power Steering
  • Hydraulics – Highly pressurized hydraulics have the lifting capacity of 2200 Kg and their placement protects the engine.

Features of Preet 955 Tractor DI 2WD:

  • Dashboard – The dashboard is proving its purpose thoroughly, the functionalities that have been aligned in the dashboard of this tractor are:
  1. Speedometer – It allows the driver to take control of the speed of the tractor.
  2. Analogue Hour Meter –¬† It allows the driver to see how many hours the tractors have been in use.
  3. Battery Meter – Battery meter shows the battery performance and life.
  4. Temperature Meter – It helps in understanding the temperature of the engine.
  5. Fuel Indicator – Indicated the fuel level in the tractor.
  6. Parking Indicator РParking Indicator allows parking the tractor efficiently without anyone else’s help.
  7. Combo Switch – This switch has 3 in 1 functionality, it allows switching on and off the light, horn and indication of the tractor.
  8. Mobile ChargingAs you know, there is a concept of load-shedding in villages but now you don’t have to worry about charging your mobile phones as Preet 955 Tractor¬†will give you a slot for charging in the tractor.
  • Tractor¬† Design –¬† The tractor is designed in a very effective way, with respect to the user‚Äôs needs. The body of the tractor is built up of heavy metal giving it a robust feel. There are a key and lock function for opening the bonnet. The chair of the tractor has the feel of car chairs, making it more comfortable. You can adjust the chair not only in height and width but forward and backwards too.You can take your partner with you as well while performing your farming tasks as there is allotment of extra seats near the driver‚Äôs seat in the left and right side. One small utility box is also provided for keeping driver‚Äôs essentials and other stuff such as toolbox and tool kit. best part of this design is the alignment of reflector in the backside.
  • Applications – With its efficient design, Preet 955 Tractor is truly a machine built for almost every agricultural application. Some of them are:
  1. Sowing
  2. Preplant Tillage
  3. Harvesting

Preet 955 Tractor DI 2WD is an up-to-date construction, made for advanced solutions giving better performance and thereby more profit to the farmers. It is a must-have machine for every farmer in India.¬† Preet 955 DI 2WD is indeed the ‚ÄėPreet of every Kisaan‚Äô in India.

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