IOT, Drones, Agro-Robots and Machine Learning the Latest Technologies in Agriculture and Farming 2019

IOT, Drones, Agro-Robots and Machine Learning the Latest Technologies in Agriculture and Farming 2019

Agro Robots in Agriculture : One of the basic human needs is ‘Food’ and considering the current rate of population growth, the food produced is comparatively very less in amount. Research says we should grow the food production by 70% to fill the hungry mouths by 2050. This scenario is taking a very horrible curve and if we live by today’s condition, our future will be in a very dangerous situation. However, like there is always light at the other end of the tunnel, thanks to Digital Transformation in agriculture or we can say Agtech. The latest technology in agriculture will help to increase the amount of food production. Every industry, every single producer is using new technologies to reduce human efforts and generate a maximum number of products. Similarly, Farming should also consider using new technology. Once farmers are aware of this, they definitely adapt it.

Top 4 new technologies in agriculture in India:

Use of IoT (Internet of Things) in Fields and equipment –

IoT in Fields – The potential for IoT in food production is immense.  IoT is like a support to the number of innovations that are happening in the world. For innovations made for fields, IoT supports in the following ways:

  • Sensors along with image recognition technology, placed around the fields, will let the farmers view their crops from anywhere in the world. These sensors will send farmers the real-time information of the field allowing them to make necessary changes to the crops.
  • Should you know everything about farming before starting? Not much these days as with the help of IoT you will get every information as to when to water the farms when to use fertilizers and in which quantity etc. Indeed, IoT is doing a great job in fields, by increasing food production and reducing the wastes

IoT in Equipment –  Similar to IoT in fields works, it is being used in equipment too! Sensors are being placed in agricultural equipment allowing them to do the following functions:

  • IoT in farming equipment helps to monitor the current condition of that particular machine or equipment.
  • Farmers can easily navigate the machine or farming equipment using GPS.
  • It helps farmers to document the land directions and build maps according to that, letting farmers work more specifically.
  • Helps in machine or equipment care by informing farmers about machine servicing and maintenance.
  • thus, IoT helps to reduce the downtime of the farming equipment.

2)  Here comes the Agro-Robots –

While, robotics and AI have already been in use in many industries such as manufacturing, automobiles, military and health-care, etc. Agriculture is lately using robots and related technology, resulting in a vast increase in production and development of new crops. The most significant task a robot does in farms is of maintaining the crops and identifying and removing the weed. These agri-robots are equipped with laser camera and farm navigation technology, allowing them to access the many fold fields very easily. These robots have prototypes of them, which are mainly used for harvesting and fruit picking.

3) Crop monitoring with the help of Drones –

Drones are blessing when it comes to the agriculture industry, imagine yourself keeping an eye on several acres at a time along with maintaining other functions of the farming isn’t it going to be an easy task unless you have got a bird’s eye. Well, this problem is solved with help drones. Most of the farmers in the US are already using this drone technology and living a better life. Using drones in farms allow farmers to keep watch on every single action on the farm, nowadays farmers are also using this drone technology to spray chemicals over the crops. Also using drones that produce 3D imaging, will allow farmers to predict the quality of the soil through observation, analysis and planning.

4)  Machine Learning and AI Utilization –

Artificial intelligence is gaining importance in agriculture these days. The machine’s ability to learn algorithms, mine data and give a prediction on its basis. These machine learning predictions can be used right before planting the seeds as to know which crop is better for which land, mixing the crop genes and testing their effectiveness, etc.

With all above-mentioned innovations and their strategic and technical support, agriculture outcome for sure will develop in the coming years. All it needs is a good transfer and utilization of knowledge. Innovation, involving machines in humanitarian efforts is not a bad thing, but we should also know that excess of anything will definitely lead to losses. So, the key is in ‘Effective’ use of technology wherever needed whether its agriculture or any other niche.

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