Potato Planter: Types, Manufacturers, Advantages,Features, and Limitations.

Potato Planter: Types, Manufacturers, Advantages,Features, and Limitations.

Potato is a significant crop in India. It requires high manpower for planting seeds in fields. Potato planters are turning out to be important nowadays that open a furrow, drop and space the seed pieces at different distances, place compost to sides and underneath the degree of seeds and cover seed and manure to an ideal profundity.

Here we will discuss more potato planters and famous potato planters in India, just have a look.

Types of Potato Planters According to Potato Dropping Systems –

Automatic Planters- 

It comprises a container for each column and cups with a chain drive system. Evaluated potatoes are gotten by the cup and conveyed to furrow opener sprout and delivered in furrows.

A feeder roller associated with repaying plate which contains spare potato checks for each cup. On the off chance that a cup is unfilled a potato is delivered from repaying plate guaranteeing a uniform seed-dispersing with no absence. The compost and pesticide can likewise be set at the same time. It can plant 2-4 lines. Its ability might be 6000-14000 potatoes/hr.

High-Speed Automatic Planter-

This type of planter has two picker wheels, and each wheel has eight picker arms. Two picker wheels spin just half as quickly as a solitary picker wheel utilized at an ordinary speed. Rapid planting is done at double the typical speed, yet picker arms don’t spin quicker than the single wheel.

Semi-Automatic Planter-

It comprises containers, metering plates, and furrow openers. Compost application unit can be appended independently. Potatoes, from containers, are put in the metering disc which has compartments. The metering plate is turned through a gear drive system.

The potatoes drop because of gravity in-furrow openers. Edges are additionally framed by furrow openers. It might plant 2 – 4 lines at a field limit of 0.15 – 0.25 ha/hr. It could be worked by a 20 – 25 hp tractor.

Agristar Potato Planter –

Agristar is an implement brand of TAFE, which provides a great range of farm implements to Indian farmers. Agristar potato planter developed for the planting of potato inefficient, faster, and more cost-effective manner.

This planter is feasible for different soil types due to adjustable spacing and depth of planting. This planter ensures that uniform growth and maturity, thereby ensuring better yield.

This planter develops to Plant two and four rows at a time with bund former. Fully adjustable crop spacing and fertilizer spreading make this planter perfect for potato cultivation. 

For ridge and furrow formation, Rigid and concave-shaped mould boards available in this planter form ridges with spacing 24 or 26 inches.

Key Points in Agristar Potato Planter

  • The fertilizer box assembly is available with a high-volume capacity for easy separation and distribution of fertilizers.
  • Fertilizer metering unit available to regulate the distribution of fertilizers.
  • Furrow opener available with the heavy-duty structure for formation ridge and furrow at desirable depth.

Mahindra Planting Master Potato+ Potato Planter –

Planting Master Potato+ is a high-tech potato planter offered by Mahindra to farmers. This planter was developed by the collaboration of Mahindra and Dewulf. This new Planting Master Potato+ is specially designed for Indian farming conditions to enhance the cultivation quality and high yield of potato crops. 

This planter is famous for its high accuracy and high-speed planting. It may increase productivity by 20 -25 percent. Different variants are also available in this potato planter for different works like zig-zag planting, straight planting, with and without fertilizer box, whole potato, and cut potato, etc.

Key Points in Mahindra Planting Master Potato+ Potato Planter –

  • Moving floor available for Supply potatoes to the planting belt in a consistent manner help to avoid blockages.
  • A different range of holding cups is available for potatoes of all sizes.
  • Fertilizer tank of 65-liter capacity available for work without interruptions.
  • Increasing productivity through efficient singulation due to availability of belt vibrator.
  • Depth control wheel provided for consistent planting of potatoes.
  • Brushes provided for cup cleaning to avoid clogging.

Sonalika Potato Planter –

Sonalika Potato Planter is best for sowing potato buds at the proper depth and crop spacing. Electric vibrator motor available in this planter help to avoid excess seed placement. Tractor above 45 HP range with 2500 hydraulic lifting capacity suitable for this planter. The capacity of this Sonalika potato planer is about 10-14 acres per day. 

Key Points of Sonalika Potato Planter –

  • Plant potato in a zig-zag manner which helps to increase productivity.
  • The furrow opener available in this planter comes with convertible wear and tear point.
  • Depth adjustable spike available in-furrow opener help to maintain desirable depth.
  • Quick unlock option available to change planting belt

Advantages of Potato Planter

  • Minimum requirement of physical efforts
  • Uniform conveyance of tubers in the pits
  • Planting profundity is uniform
  • Simple to utilize
  • Great in performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long Servicing Interval
  • Time saver
  • A similar distance is kept up between the planted tubers
  • Need not to separate use of furrow opener
  • Automatically cover tuber by soil
  • No issue of soil compaction due to lightweight
  • Compact Size

Limitations of Potato Planter –

  • High initial investment
  • Not workable in small agricultural fields

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