Parts of agriculture Tractor and its function

Parts of agriculture Tractor and its function

For agriculture farming, agriculture Tractors are the main source in farming operations. Thus, farmers choose different agriculture tractors for their farmland. But, have you ever wondered how these agriculture tractors are produced? Which components are used in the tractors and what are their primary functions? So, to make your doubts more clear, this blog will help you to understand the various components of the tractor and its functions. 

Tractors are basically the powered units four-wheeled operating machine used in the tracks of the farms and also included the trailers. First of all, we will describe the types of tractors used in farming. 

Classification Of The Tractors 

Tractors are classified into different prospects. Some of them with their main functions are:

  1. Crawler Tractor- Crawler tractors are also referred to as chain-type tractors or track-type tractors. In the pneumatic wheels of such tractors, an endless chain or track is placed. 
  1. Wheel Tractor – Wheel tractors are commonly used by the farmers as they are four in pneumatic wheels. Wheeled tractors are mainly divided into special tractors, general-purpose tractors, and row crop tractors. 
  1. Power Tiller or Walking Tractor – Walking tractors are also referred to as the Power tiller is usually fitted with two wheels. Though, the tractor operation is performed systematically by the operator. 

Now let us proceed with the tractor parts and components. In tractors, several parts are used for proper functioning of the tractors. 

Main Components Of The Agriculture Tractors 

While purchasing a tractor one should be aware of the main components of the tractor which is designed in the following main components:

(1) I. C. engine

The first and the foremost part of the tractor is the Internal Combustion Engine. In the engine, the combustion of an oxidizer and fuel is produced in a confined space that is referred to as a combustion chamber.  An engine is placed over the tractor. In a tractor, the engine power starts from 20 to 120 horsepower. 

 (2) Clutch 

To connect and disconnect the tractor engine from the drive wheels and transmission gears, the Clutch plays a vital role in the functioning of the tractor. The power is transmitted through the clutch system by means of friction between driven members and driving members. 

Specific Features Of A Good Clutch 

a. A good clutch should have the ability to load without chattering and dragging.

b. It can transmit maximum power without slipping while having a higher capacity.

c. The high resistance of the heat effect should be according to the friction surface. 

A Clutch is divided into three main types: Fluid coupling, Friction clutch, Dog clutch. 

Fluid clutch, nowadays is used in most of the tractors. Whereas, Friction Clutch is suitable for four wheel tractors and Dog Clutch is suitable in power tillers. 

(3) Transmission gears 

To control the speed of the tractor in different variants in the rear wheel of the tractor. Tractor transmissions have the power to control different gears or powers. To control the speed of the tractors in different conditions between the shifting of gears and directions so that it becomes free and smooth. Basically, the gears used on tractors are of two types:

a.Constant Mesh Type Transmission B. Selective Sliding Type 

Selective Sliding-type transmission gears consist of main features such as Gear Shifting Gears,  Gear Housing, Main Shaft, Output Shaft, And Counter Shaft or Layshaft. 

(4) Differential unit 

The differential unit works effectively while permitting one of the rear wheels to rotate faster and slower. The differential unit comprises of 

1. Crown wheel

2. Half shaft and

3. Differential casing 

4.  Differential pinion

5. Bevel gear

(5) Rear wheels

The large rear wheels of the tractor are fixed on the backside of the driver’s seat ensuring the ability to work in the field. 

(6) Front wheels 

As the name implies the front drive wheels or tires, are two-wheel drive tractors, are smaller as compared to rear tires. When the tractor is working in the field, front-wheel drive is used at all times. 

(7) Steering mechanism 

In tractors, when the operator turns the steering system governs the angular movement of front wheels. The system of steering mechanisms is composed of different components like Steering Shaft, Steering Wheel, Steering gears, Drag Link, Kingpin, etc. 

(8) Hydraulic control and hitch system 

Tractors are equipped with a hydraulics system for operating a three-point linkage system. Hydraulic systems work effectively to raise, control, hold, the mounted or semi-mounted implements for better farm operations. 

(9) Brakes 

The primary function of the brakes in the tractors is to stop or slow down the motion of a tractor. It operates by the two independent pedals and is mounted on the driving axle. There are two different kinds of brakes that function differently. They are Mechanical Brakes and Hydraulics Brakes. 

Ways Of Selecting The Tractor

For the farm industry, tractors are needed to be selected for various perspectives. Some of the important ways for the selection of the tractors are:

Cropping System Pattern: Tractors are suitable to work in less than 1.0 hectare/hp. It is adequate for more than one cropping system or good for an irrigation facility. So, the tractors ranging from 20-25 HP range are suitable for a 25 hectares farm. 

Soil Condition:  Tractors work effectively with less wheelbase, higher ground clearance can work with light-weighted soil also.  

Land Holding: One tractor is suitable to work with a 20-25 HP range of 20 hectares farms under a single cropping pattern. 

Running Cost: Farmers, select the other pattern of the tractors due to its less specific fuel consumption, so that the running cost may also be less.

Availability of Repairing Options: Farmers prefer to choose the tractors in an easy form of repairing options when easy availability of service is given by the dealers or the company. 

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