How CEAT Speciality Tyres Are Powerful

How CEAT Speciality Tyres Are Powerful

Farmers, or commercial users if looking for the popular Tyre brand for your tractor then CEAT tyre brand is one amongst the most popular tyre manufacturing industry, CEAT Tyres are known for effective performance on the field.

CEAT tyres is an Indian Tractor brand industry that produces the classic design and prominent tyres for the use of farming activities. A good quality range of tyre with better durability and nominal price range attracts the farmers to purchase the CEAT tyres.

CEAT brand offers a variety of tyres and especially in tractor tyres 15 CEAT tyre models are found in India with modern features. 

The full form of CEAT is  Cavi Elettrici e Affini that was produced in Italy in 1924.An oldest tractor tyre company that is used for multiple options for the farming purposes. 

CEAT tyres brand manufacturers strong quality tyres at an economical price. ceat ayushman tyre is the most popular tyre in ceat tractor tyre range.CEAT Tractor tyres are known for the quality and duration of the tyres and in ceat tractor tyre range the long-lasting tyre is ceat ayushman tyre.

CEAT Tyres Known To Be The Best For Farming 

Yes, CEAT Tractor Tyre is the perfect option in tyres for farming purposes. CEAT tyres are efficiently made for the comfortability of the driving or operating in the different farm operations special for various norms. Also, CEAT tyres are best in grips especially on the tracks. 

For farming purposes and advanced farming operating system CEAT tyres are well versed for various field operations. CEAT tyres price is nominal and comes in the range of the farmers budget. .

Best Platform For An Enquiry Of The CEAT Tyres?  

CEAT tractor tyres more information is provided under one digital segment of KhetiGaadi

From where you can easily purchase the CEAT tyres online. Also, you can get all the tyres 

details, at all segments from the KhetiGaadi website. The tyres are superb in quality and extremely good in performance. CEAT Tractor tyres are designed uniquely for better performance and work efficiently with all ranges of tractors in rough and tough land situations. 

So, farmers or commercial users, if you are also looking for the perfect tyres for your tractor, then CEAT tyres fit the best. Also, if you are looking for a long run of operation with better gripping on the platform, then CEAT tyres are considered to be the best for your farmland.  

CEAT Tyres Features


High traction is delivered by the CEAT tyres. It is mostly an exception for farm tyres. It is said, as good as the grip of the tyre, it is good for traction too. So, CEAT tyres are well versed in higher traction.

For better drip in mud and slush areas CEAT tyres are designed scientifically with low angle lugs at the shoulder, thus considered to be best for farm radials. This design enables lower slippage and more productivity. 

CEAT Farm Radials have a high number of lugs on the ground and leave a longer footprint, thus it delivers higher traction.


Farm tyres are low in compaction, this is the main feature considered to be the best in CEAT tyres. For farmland, the primary requisites for any ground are soil compaction, flexible construction, and larger inner volume. Thus, with these features, it contributes to a larger footprint and helps in reducing compaction, which also results in farm productivity. 

The company has designed with farm radials a superior feature that allows farmers to operate tyres at lower pressure in the field, which also leads to lower compaction. 

CEAT Tractor tyres are better in lower compaction, compared to other farm tractor tyres.


It’s not important that all farming tyres are suitable for operating efficiently or easily on the road. However, CEAT Farm Radials ensure the basic advantage over the other farm tyres. 

Roadability is considered for two aspects: comfort ride when driven on the road and the stability of the tyres.  

CEAT Farm tractor tyres with higher angle, lug overlap at the center, results in stability, handling, and comfort ride. The versatile tyre tractor performs efficiently on the farm and also on the road.

CEAT Tyres Price

CEAT tyres price is set according to the high or minimum range of demand by the farmers or commercial users. For more enquiry connect with KhetiGaadi executives. Or directly add your number and get full information about Ceat tractor tyre price, CEAT Tyres sales, and Ceat tyre offer in the official website. 

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