How you can use KhetiGaadi Shop

How you can use KhetiGaadi Shop

Agriculture is the primary need of the people of India and there are many agriculture inputs and devices that are mostly used by the farmers for the use of agriculture and farming system.

But, some of them are always perplexed that which products and inputs are suitable for their crop,  which inputs are necessary for the production of crops and agriculture farming system. To all such questions and guiding you with all the details will help you in choosing the right product, tools, or implements for your farmland.

To eradicate your problem and finding the best solution we have brought an easy and digital platform for all the people who are looking for the purchasing of agricultural inputs, crop inputs in an easy way. Hence, for them, the KhetiGaadi Shop page is the best page to purchase all your farming-related products from one column. 

What Information Is provided In The KhetiGaadi Shop?

To the farmers and the commercial users, KhetiGaadi Shop page is the only page that you can reach instantly at one click through mobile or other digital sources. People can download the KhetiGaadi app from the play store and then directly click on the Shop icon button.

There, you can see the enormous options for your farmland or for farming or agriculture purposes. To an easy click on the Shop, the button can provide you with maximum benefits.  As KhetiGaadi is the leading platform in providing the agriculture products and implements, various farm mechanization,  crop inputs, Agri inputs, garden tools, etc. 

Shop By Brand

Shop By Brands provides all the brand products related to the products or chemicals used in farming for the production of crops or for the growth of the crops ( whether fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc) and the product or chemicals used for pesticides.

Farmers can choose the liable brand for their farming growth of crop production. There are several brands available on the website through which you can gather information and connect to our executives for the purchasing of the tractors, implements, tools, chemical products, etc.

Categories On KhetiGaadi Shop Page

Crop Special Kit

Crop Special kit as the name defines the special kit is available for the better growth of the crops. Now to know what are these special crops kits then click on the KhetiGaadi Shop Page. Crop Special Kit is available for the varieties of crops like flowering, fruits, vegetables, etc. Special Crop Kit provides in increasing productivity and provides nutrients at a larger scale. 

Categories come under Crop Special Kit: 

  • Alawani Kit
  • Growth Special Kit
  • Flowering Kit
  • Drip Special max Kit
  • Drip Special Kit
  • Banana Special Drip

Agri Inputs

The next category that comes under the KhetiGaadi Shop page is the Agri Inputs. Farmers searching for Agri inputs products can get direct detailed information about these products on the digital platform of KhetiGaadi.

Just in one click, the consumer can get good quality Agri input products that provide higher nutrients, color, taste to the essential crops like fruits and vegetables. Also, you can get sprayers for your farmland to prevent insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, etc. These sprayers are suitable for multiple farming operations like horticulture, plantations, agriculture, afforestation, etc. 

Categories That Come Under Agri Inputs

  • Sprengo Portable Power Sprayer
  • 18 Liter Battery Sprayer
  • Humistrong
  • Amistrong Gold
  • Mega Nutri

Agricultural Tools 

Next comes the agricultural tools. Well, there are different kinds of agriculture tools or types of machinery used by the farmers for the production of crops and suitable for the farmland.

Agriculture tools at a reasonable and affordable price are easily available on the agriculture tools shop at the KhetiGaadi website page. The consumer can check the whole details, varieties, and price of the tools which is in their need and requirement to the farmland. 

Categories That Come Under Agricultural Tools

  • Bow Rake
  • Crumbler
  • Handle Vario
  • Manual Earth Auger, etc.

Garden Tools

If someone is looking for garden tools and don’t know which tools are essential for your farmland then you are in the right direction. KhetiGaadi Shop page will provide you all the important garden tools products for your small or larger garden land or farm. Garden tools or machines are small or larger in size for cutting of leaves, trees, branches shrubs, etc. 

Categories That Come Under Garden Tools

  • Ridger
  • Rover BC RCS 
  • Sprayer Pump

Power Weeder

Power Weeder is an important implement or machine that is suitable for the farmland. 

The power weeder machine is good for removing the weeds after plantations that can control the plant from the topsoil. 

Power Weeder machine at KhetiGaadi is available at an affordable and reasonable rate. 

Categories That Come Under Power Weeder

  • Pubert Aro Pro
  • Pubert W4 Weeder
  • Texas Alligator 6 DP
  • Texas Lilly 832

Power Tiller

In agriculture cultivation, sowing, weeding, tillage are the general process done through the implementing machine called Power Tiller. Power Tiller at the KhetiGaadi Shop page is easily available at an affordable and reasonable price. The consumer can check the whole information about the Power Tiller with just one click and get your best power tiller machine.


For an easy purchasing of the shop products, the consumer can reach you directly while sitting at home by downloading the KhetiGaadi app on your mobile.

KhetiGaadi Shop is the only digital platform for the farmers and other commercial users through which you will get ample options related to agriculture tools, implements, production of crops, better growth of the crops, and nutrients. 

Machines that are used for gardening, sericulture, horticulture, afforestation, etc. Thus, the only platform that you will get the entire information about the products and chemicals is from the KhetiGaadi Shop page. So, don’t wait just download the app and get your favorite product or brand for your farmland or production of crops.

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