How KhetiGaadi is Empowering Farmers?

How KhetiGaadi is Empowering Farmers?

Undoubtedly, the main source of income in India comes from agriculture and related industries, especially in the vast rural areas. Additionally, it makes a considerable contribution to the GDP. For all-encompassing rural development, sustainable agriculture is crucial in terms of food security, rural employment, and environmentally friendly methods like soil conservation, sustainable natural resource management, and biodiversity protection. India has experienced a green revolution, a white revolution, a yellow revolution, and a blue revolution in agriculture and related fields.

Thus for taking agriculture and farm practices to the next step, “KhetiGaadi” is an innovative idea for empowering farmers and Indian farming.


“KhetiGaadi” is bridging the gap between the farming ecosystem of tractor and implement manufacturers, farmers, buyers, sellers, brokers, contractors, lessees, and lessors in one location with simple, handy access to a variety of items for mutual gain. 

Khetigaadi is an eCommerce platform that enables the farming community to buy, sell, rent, and hire tractors and farm mechanization equipment online. It is also a knowledge-based advisory platform for the agricultural community to deploy the appropriate mechanization technology. KhetiGaadi focuses on the online selling of plant nutrition products, farm mechanization implements, and tools & equipment for agriculture. 

For bringing evolution in farming, “Khetiguru is an informative application for the farming community which keeps farmers more updated with the latest agriculture technology. The app offers the most recent market strategies, weather predictions, and technological films, as well as news pertaining to agriculture and other topics. By using the KhetiGuru app, farmers can directly ask questions of agriculture experts about a wide range of high-quality products from the best agricultural brands in the nation, such as seeds, crop protection, nutrition, and farm implements. You can also watch videos about new technology, prosperous farmers, machinery, etc.

How KhetiGaadi is Changing Lives of Farmers?

KhetiGaadi knows that both greater social transformation and economic improvement for people are implied by rural development. Expanded awareness about agriculture in rural areas, availability of various farming resources, stronger enforcement of land reforms, and increased access to financing is required to improve the possibilities for economic development for rural residents. The government’s efforts to close the gap between urban and rural areas by raising the various schemes are not sufficient for farmers’ growth. Therefore KhetiGaadi is the right opportunity for the farmers to get the benefits and information they deserved. 

KhetiGaadi brings the various reforms of farming into one place. Several farmers, and dealers, are connected with it. This application is userfriendly and undoubtedly the farmer’s best choice for resolving any issue related to farming.

KhetiGaadi has a significant role in the advancement of agriculture and in raising the degree of yield dynamics. The only way to use the KhetiGaadi as effectively as possible while providing the potential for value-added products and a fair deal for the farmers. The creation of KhetiGaadi must also take into account the urges of nature, regional differences, the growth of human resources, and the full utilization of our scarce land resources.

Farming Crops like paddy, wheat, sugarcane, soybean, etc. are having a crucial role in Indian farming, but the country’s expanding use of pesticides and chemicals is putting more strain on the environment and the common people. KhetiGuru’s first priority is to provide proper suggestions to farmers about crop cultivation by informing them of the proper use of pesticides and other fertilizers. In KhetiGuru we’ve highlighted different farming methods, crop protection techniques, etc that should be performed by the farmers to protect and conserve and increase the crop yield without harming the crops.

KhetiGaadi also provides you with the following facilities:

Tractor Segment:

We provide you with a list of the various range of tractors like availability of Mini tractors, Upcoming tractors, Popular tractors, and many more. Along with the tractor of your choice. Farmers can find more than 600 different tractor models at KhetiGaadi. It aims to provide you with the best tractor deal as per your budget, your needs, and correct information. Farmers can find the best deal for tractors from their local or remote areas all over India.

Comparison of Different Tractors:

There are numerous tractors with comparable characteristics that come from various tractor brands. Farmer finds it difficult to decide which tractor type and tractor model is appropriate for their farming practices. KhetiGaadi created the Compare Tractors section so that farmers could easily compare tractor brands, models, prices, features, and many other factors.

Trending Blogs and Latest News:

KhetiGaadi’s blog section is filled up with all the information related to the agriculture sector like various agricultural schemes, farming methods, popular tractors with their prices, farm machinery, etc.

Khetigaadis news section is for all the trending news related to agriculture, tractors, the tractor industry, and tractor sales. All the recent news is available in the news section of KhetiGaadi.

Tractor Reviews on Youtube Channel:

The trending application to learn everything free is YouTube. It is essential because we believe farmers should upgrade with the latest technology. All of the content is available on the KhetiGaadi YouTube account, where farmers can readily analyze various features of tractors and choose the tractor of their choice. A farmer can easily look for any video content on a youtube channel. For farmers’ benefit, only KhetiGaadi posts useful information about farm equipment, reviews, news, and other topics for the development of rural areas. Farmers can easily visit our youtube channel and subscribe it for daily updates.

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