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Garden Tools:

Making your own garden and maintaining it is a dream for many people. Garden tools are very important for growing, maintaining, and harvesting the plant. Gardening without the right tools will take a lot of time and effort that is not essential. Better gardening outcomes are guaranteed by gardening tools. Simply, employing the proper tools will boost your gardening productivity.

To meet the needs of both experienced and beginning gardeners, KhetiGaadi has a range of gardening tools. Our collections are best suitable for gardening enthusiasts who want to do household gardening. The collection includes a sprayer pump, rigder, scissors, sickles, hoe, cane chopper, digging transplanter, etc.

KhetiGaadi has all gardening incredible tools which will help you in proper gardening and save your time are listed below:

  1. Garden Rake A gardening or landscaping tool with a handle that ends in a head is called a rake. A rake can be used to level, scoop, gather, or scrape things like soil, mulch, or leaves. It has pointed metal tines that can break up compacted soil or boulders. Some rakes have flat heads.

  1. Tine Cultivator A cultivator's main function is to break up hard soil using its metal tines. Additionally, it aids in dispersing fertilizer and nutrients uniformly across the entire soil surface. The soil must be absolutely dry and not moist before using the cultivator to get the best results.

  1. Grass Shear: A lawn is maintained with grass shears. It is utilized for lawn trimming and side-dressing. The cutting blades, which are composed of high-carbon or alloy steel, are the most crucial component of a grass shear. The cutting edges of the blades are very sharp.

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