Top 14 Must-Have Farm Equipment in Indian Agriculture Sector

Top 14 Must-Have Farm Equipment in Indian Agriculture Sector

Indian economy depends vigorously on agribusiness and its cultivating foundation traces all the way back to the civilization of the Indus Valley. India is at the pinnacle of agricultural creation. While agriculture contribution to Indian GDP development is decreasing bit by bit.

The key explanation with respect to the average Indian farmer’s low income is their cultivating techniques that don’t have advanced farm equipment.

While a country has a gigantic number of organizations of farm machinery, numerous farmers don’t utilize farm equipment developed by farm equipment manufacturers. 

Farm equipment for agricultural use in development has become more well-known nowadays. To keep up with the pace and pick the best utilization of mechanical developments, they need to accept innovation.

Numerous new advances affect crop creation in rural areas. Here we are going to discuss some must-have farm equipment in India.

Tractor – 

A tractor is the farm equipment most broadly used in the agricultural sector. In all sizes and ranges, tractors are available in the Indian market. The tractor is the powerhouse for implements. Without tractor, all above farm implement remains just tool in no use.

Plough – 

Different types of ploughs are used for tillage operations in India they are listed below

Moldboard Plough/MB Plough– Moldboard plough comprises wing-formed edges, which are explicitly intended to cut into and turn the soil. This is an ideal sort of plough for shallow however intensive soil turning, which is regularly essential for land that hasn’t been utilized for crop creation for quite a while. 

Disc Plough – Disc ploughs comprise lines of plates that work to turn the soil and cut up weeds. These are more uncommon than MB ploughs as they are less compelling at turning the soil, yet disc ploughs might be more valuable for soil that is especially tacky or rough. 

Chisel Plough – Chisel plough comprises astoundingly long knives. These knives turn the soil at a profundity of near about 1 foot or more. This is regularly important for land that has been utilized for steady yield creation. 


Rotavator is utilized for the pivoting layers of the soil. This is all in one cultivating equipment and can be operated with the tractor. The revolving turner associated with the tractor is most generally utilized by farmers as a rotavator. 

Cultivator – 

You ought to go for a cultivator on the chance that you wish to destroy weeds from your farmland. The cultivator acts in two separate manners, first, it is used in land preparation for different crops and second, it is used in intercultural operation for weed control.

Seed Drills – 

The Seed drill is implement utilized with the least soil impedance for seed position on the field. Regularly these can be utilized for crops like corn, wheat. Two sorts of no-till seed drills and traditional drills are accessible in the Indian market. No-ploughing is essential for a no-till drill. Traditional seed drills need some ploughing out before seeds are put on a superficial level. Among the most well-known implement utilized in cultivating are seed drills. 

Plant Protection Equipment/Sprayers- 

Sprayers are used to spray pesticides and herbicides on crops to keep away from any damage. They are usable as knapsacks or stroll behind hand-worked sprayers. But nowadays with high innovation boom sprayers and tractor operated blowers are commonly used by Indian farmers.

Garden Tools –  

The utilization of essential tools in agriculture is quite often vital. To be sure when early individuals saw that they can develop plants, they likewise need to burrow the soil, plant seeds, water their soil, and gather crops.

Fundamental steel and iron apparatuses have been changed into machine instruments by Indian farmers. Small tools help to reduce the manual efforts of the small and marginal farmers.

Harvesters – 

The combine harvester machine is an adaptable yield gathering machine. All collecting undertakings, like gathering, sifting, and winnowing, are done in one interaction. Most of the time collected crops are wheat, oats, garlic, maize, etc. The coordinated reaping framework saves farmer’s money. Operations done by combine harvester are as follows 

Reaping – It is the method involved with cutting the plant, which is defined by the header, reel and shaper bar on the combine. The header accumulates the harvests while the reel pushes them toward the shaper bar, which cuts the yields at their base. 

Threshing – It is the method involved with isolating the eatable pieces of the crop from the non-consumable parts. This is refined by the sifting drum, which thumps the slice yields to isolate the grains from their stalks. 

Winnowing– Winnowing is the most common way of isolating the light waste from the grain, and it is normally cultivated while the grain is in the sifting drum. Debris is typically isolated from the grain using strainers. 

Farm equipment is developed to reduce manpower in the agricultural sector and make the agricultural sector more convenient for farmers.

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