Electric Tractor in India

Electric Tractor in India

Electric Tractor

Sonalika one of the leading manufacturer companies from India Hoshiarpur, Punjab is also one of the topmost leading exporters brand companies.

The Hoshiarpur is the world’s largest Sonalika is considered to be the farm centric brand and the first choice to be included in Niti Ayog for its inspirational project of doubling the farmer’s income in the country.

Tractors with advanced technology and features attract the mind of the farmers. The tractor industry always brings new technocrates features in tractors.

Nowadays some companies are focusing on producing the electric tractor that is unique in design and functions smoothly with power efficiency.

The tractor brand companies that produce Electric tractors in India are – Sonalika and Escorts.

These both brands are the first and foremost in manufacturing the Electric tractors in india.

According to the report, Sonalika tractor brand company launches India’s first one field tractor named ‘Tiger Electric’. Sonalika’s first Tiger Electric tractor offers a variety of new features and makes farmer’s friendly to operate easily. 

What Makes Sonalika Tiger Electric That Make It Stand Out In The Entire Segment

Tiger Electric A Powerful Beast

The Tiger Electric tractor comes with a highly powered energy-efficient E-trac Motor available with 100% torque availability at all times.

It is a performance based technology tractor used in tough terrain.The tractor provides a speed of 24.3 Kmph which can access a quick pickup across any load conditions.

Favorable Price

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor price is made for Indian farmers. Where the prices of Sonalika tractor ranges from 3 Lac to 10 Lac.

This new innovative highly technology Tiger Electric fits into the budget of the farmers and costs Rupees 5.99 Lac.

This favorable price tractor is competing with other tractors in the market.

Low Running Cost

The new Tiger Electric Tractor is loaded with an IP67 – compliant 25.5kW natural cooling battery. 

Trouble-Free Charging

The best feature provided in Tiger Electric tractor is that without any interruption the tractor can easily be charged at home with a regular three pin 15- amp socket.

The tractor takes ten hours to charge completely without any interruptions. The company is focusing on a new charging system where the time is reduced from ten hours to four hours of charging scheme.

Silent Wonder

The Tiger Electric tractor is available with seamless power with absolutely zero noise. This tractor is known to be the noiseless farming tractor for the first time in India.

Free Farming From Emission

Tiger Electric tractor is totally free from emissions in the agro segment by a massive margin. 

Power Battery Is Excellent

The new Electric Tiger provides power back up of 8 hours when operating with a 2-tonne trolley.

Efficiency Rate Is Higher

A new tiger electric tractor provides higher efficiency of 45% due to the wastage of thermal energy it is much better when it comes to the agro segment. 

Sonalika The Most Largest And Exporters Company

Sonalika is the world largest leading and manufacturing company from India,Punjab. It is known to be the biggest exporters and world class tractor company of india.

Sonalika tractors are known for higher efficiency, advanced technological features etc. 

In the short span of time Sonalika company has increased the demands of the customers. It’s a leading company which also provides tractors at affordable prices.

With this Make In India scheme company focused to manufacture an advanced technology tractor i.e.Tiger Electric Tractor providing more benefits to the farmers.

Escorts First Hybrid Tractor

Escort company under the group companies launched the first hybrid tractor which is an electrical mode tractor concept is available in the market.

This is India’s first Hydrostatic and Electric tractor. This is known to be the new series of tractors in the Escort group.

This compact tractor is provided with free emission and higher battery efficiency. The company is 

focusing on providing the best operating feature in the New hybrid tractor. 

What Makes Escorts New Hybrid Tractor To Be The Best

Power Battery Efficiency

The new hybrid tractor comes with both the features to operate with battery power or a diesel engine.

The battery engine feature turns the diesel engine off and helps to operate the power vehicle.

Best Charging Feature

The new hybrid tractor comes with a plugin- socket power battery feature. This tractor operates completely as an electric vehicle.

Greater Functionality

Escort New Hybrid tractor comes with greater efficiency, lower power and better driving modes. 


Escort an advanced technology new electric tractor is a multi-functionary tractor that can work for different operations at a time.

Escort is upbringing the new technology in the commercial sector. It highlighted the less competence of work and labor and provided greater efficiency.

Escort hybrid is a heavy duty work operation and can work in trash conditions also.

Hybrid,  ICE Direct-Drive and Electric Excavator are excellent features with three drive modes which work the same manner as the hybrid tractor. 

Celestial E-Mobility Tractor 

With green and new innovation thoughts Celestial E-Mobility focused on the growth of agriculture by producing E Mobility tractors or E-tractor with an aim of improving the burden of farmers and raising new technologies in the farm. This new and advanced technology based tractor is eco friendly. 

Best IN E -Tractor

Celestial E-Mobility tractors are eco-friendly tractors.

Celestial E – Mobility is a less weight tractor and requires less maintenance.

Celestial E-Mobility is more specific compared to the other tractors.

Celestial E Mobility easy to operate. 

Celestial E-Mobility is a smart, robust battery-integration technology for various other operations.

E-Mobility  Tractor is arrived with a six horsepower electric motor and delivers a performance equal to other tractors. 

This is a zero emission eco friendly tractor that can easily operate in horticultural or Greenhouse works or moving goods within the factories. 

Its features are specific and come with power inversion and regenerative braking function.

E-Tractor can cover up to 75 Km on a single charge. 

E-Tractor price cost at Rupees 5 Lac which fits into the budget of the customer.

Why E- Tractor, E-Mobility Tractors Are More Useful 

Companies like Escort, Sonalika are the best in producing electric free charging tractors. Companies focused on technology, labor cost. Low maintenance, more efficiency and greater output.

With the aim of involving all these features in the E- tractors come eco friendly and more useful to the farmers.

Companies believe in smart technologies, green policies and subsidies that boost the companies like Escort, Cellestial E-Mobility etc.

The E-tractor are available with regenerative braking features and more advanced technologies like charging system, power battery etc.

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