10 Possible Reasons Your Tractor is Overheating

10 Possible Reasons Your Tractor is Overheating

It is very important when your tractor instrument cluster shows warning lights that temperature increases than average perusing. To prevent causing any damage to tractor it is essential to turn of tractor immediately before checking engine problem. From thermostat to radiator there are some common sources why your tractor gets overheated, and how they can cause major issues with your tractor

1. Radiator Issues

Radiator plays an important role in engine’s healthy working. Radiator provides clean air to engine, in New Tractors air cleaners arrangement provided them to get maximum cleaning efficiency. But unclean and low performing radiators is on of the reason to cause overheating. Dirty radiator cooling fins doesn’t allow enough air to decrease coolant temperature as well power steering oil

2. Low Coolant

If tractor running hot check tractor coolant, it allows the engine to cool. always check level of coolant before starting engine. If there is a necessity of add coolant, be sure you are adding coolant that is already in your system. Most of the top tractor brands provides extra coolant reservoir technology to ensure engine health because absence of coolant in engine might empty your pockets to restore engine.

3. Coolant hose blocked

Your new and used tractors may be overheated even if you have added coolant in it, due to dirty hose. Coolant hose supposed to be continuously run through radiator and engine to keep it cool. So, keep in mind that your coolant house should we keep clean and dust free.

4.Thermometer Malfunction

Thermometer placed to measure the temperature¬†of the engine but sometimes it becomes reason to engine failures. Due to malfunctioning of thermometer you unable to know the tractor temperature and your latest tractor gets overheated as engine is running in destructive conditions. You can test your thermostat by removing it from the tractor and place it in boiled water and check the readings. If the temperature doesn’t climb, it’s time to replace the thermostat.

5. Engine Oil Level Low

A tractor engine generates a lot of heat due to friction and engine oil helps to lubricate all engine working parts which results in cooling of the engine. Low engine oil will damage engines major parts also produce excess heat.

6. Damaged water pump

Water pump is also an important component of engine cooling system helps to keep coolant circulating. A damaged water pump will not pump any coolant and cause overheated engine.

7. Damaged head gasket

Cylinder head and engine block holds together by gasket. And damaged gasket will mix oil and coolant and results an overheated engine. Mixing of oil and coolant will create major damage to engine as coolant system filled up with oil and you may have to restore the entire engine on continuously using of tractor in this condition

8.Wrong coolant used

Each engine manufacturer use different types of coolant and it is very important to right coolant approved by the main manufacturer. Use of wrong coolant cause overheating problems in engine

9. Malfunctioning engine temperature gauge

Tractor dashboard have engine temperature warning lights which helps driver to know engine temperature. If this gauge does not work properly driver will not know the temperature of the engine and continue use of engine may bring serious damage to the engine.

10. Using tractor in extreme conditions

Choose the right to implement according to your tractor horsepower, wrong implement will pull more power and making engine hotter. Also using tractor in lower gears for light work can be the reason for engines overheating. We advise you to read tractor manual carefully for regular maintenance, service period, oil grade and filters. If you notice any change in tractor sound or smoke, immediately rush to your nearby service center. You can find Tractor service centers near you on Khetigaadi. The above-mentioned description is a small effort and study in Tractor Engine. These are the reason for the overheating problems. It will help farmers to maintain their tractors. Visit our page for more information about Tractor, Agricultural implements, Tractor Price, Tractor Videos, and Tractor Games.


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