10 Best Vegetables That Can Grow in Indian Tropical Climate

10 Best Vegetables That Can Grow in Indian Tropical Climate

After the hot summer season, the rainy season comes that is loved by all. In the Indian tropical climate, the monsoon usually lasts for four months that is starting from June to September.

It is the best time to grow anything because there is a significant reduction in temperature and the solar radiation is less hot. The monsoon water adds to the faster growth of plants.

There are a variety of vegetables that can grow in the monsoon and they all are full of nutrients. In the rainy season, most of the agriculture products come with soil and other bacterial infections. Here are going to discuss some rainy season vegetables that can easily grow in India.

10 Best Vegetables

Lady Finger – 

The botanical name of this all-time favorite vegetable is Abelmoschus esculentus. However, it knows with different common names according to different areas like Bhindi, Okra, Dhenras, Bhendi, Bendekayi, Ramturai, Ventai, Benda, Ventaykka, etc.

Ladyfinger is one of the most loved vegetables by kids to parents in India. Ladyfinger can grow easily with the best warm and humid climate in the tropical regions in India. The ideal time to grow Ladyfinger in India is starting days of monsoon season.

Brinjal – 

Brinjal is generally available all the year but it rains, it can be easily cultivated in agricultural lands and pots too. The growth of Brinjal on rainy days is much faster and free from pests and disease.

Brinjal is commonly known as Baingan, Eggplant, Kattiri, Vainkaiyya, and Vangi but the botanical name of brinjal is Solanum melongena. From North to South India, brinjal is used for some important dishes in India for example, Baingan ka bharta, and Vainkaiyya sambhar which have brinjal as their main ingredient. 

Apple Gourd / Round Gourd – 

Apple Gourd or Round Gourd is generally known as Tinda in India. The botanical name of this vegetable is Praecitrullus fistulosus, also known as Bimbi, Kondavalli, Tendli in different parts of India. 

This is the vegetable that is not so loved by kids and somewhere adults too, but the apple gourd has amazing health benefits. In today’s pandemic situation it is the best source of nutrients. 

Apple gourd is best grown in the tropical and subtropical climates of India especially on rainy days; however, it can be considered as an annual because of its availability throughout the year.

Carrot – 

Carrot is a famous sweet vegetable in India with the whole world. Mouthwatering dishes like Gajar ka Halwa are one favorite sweet dish of Indians. Carrot is commonly known as Gajar, Gajjari, Gajida, Dindiramodaka, Gajjara Gedda with botanical name, Daucus carota subsp. Sativus. Grow carrots in your kitchen garden on these rainy days with minimum effort for fresh and juicy carrots. 

Radish –  

The botanical name of radish is Raphanus sativus but commonly known as Muli, Mullanki, Mullangi, Mula, Muju, Mulo, Molabham. Radish is famous in India especially in the north for the dishes that are made with it like Mooli ke parathe. Radish is easy to grow vegetable that comes in multiple shapes and sizes on rainy days.

Sweet Potato –  

Sweet Potato is commonly known as, shakharkand, Ratalu, Mangra, Genusu, Meiteipai in India. For best results, plant your sweet potatoes at the starting of the rainy season in India. Sweet Potatoes are easy to grow and widely loved throughout the country.

Leafy Vegetables – 

This type of vegetable is the most loved and highly nutritious vegetable with so many health benefits. All type of leafy vegetables grows well in the rainy season. The only thing that should in keep in mind in terms of leafy vegetables in the monsoon is keeping free from soil from getting soggy as it can harm your health.

Cucumber – 

The botanical name of cucumber is Cucumis sativus but commonly known as Kheera, Vellari, Thabi, Dosakaya, Kakdi, Kakudi in different parts of India. Cultivation of cucumber is the best choice to grow in the monsoon season. As we all know cucumber is super healthy and easy to grow. For proper production of cucumber provide them proper moisture, porous soil, plenty of sunlight.

Tomatoes – 

The all-purpose vegetable that can grow easily in the monsoon is Tomatoes. The botanical name of Tomato is Solanum lycopersicum however commonly known as Tamatar, Tamota, Takkali, Tameto, Tamatara.

Tomato is the most versatile vegetable of them all. Basically, have got to do is choose a variety that can survive in that particular kind of climate you have, but tomatoes can be easily grown in the rainy season with high productivity.

Beetroot – 

Beetroot is a famous vegetable for its countless number of health and nutrient benefits. Basically, beetroot is possible to have throughout the year but on rainy days it can grow faster and much productive.

The botanical name of beetroot is Beta vulgaris but commonly known as Chukander, Carkkaraiva, Cakkera dumpa, Sakkare bit, Cini bita.

All above-listed vegetables have full of nutrient values and they are important to consume in this COVID – 19 pandemic situation and very fruitful rainy season. Download the Khetigaadi Mobile application for more details about vegetable cultivation in India.  

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