Top 5 Subsoiler Implements Used In Agriculture

Top 5 Subsoiler Implements Used In Agriculture

In farming, different types of implements used in agriculture play a vital role in the growth of the agricultural output. From tillage to land preparing, and harvesting different types of implements are designed by the farm mechanization companies for the better functioning of the crops in different variants. Hence, Subsoiler implements is the particular implementation that is implemented for deep tillage operations. It is specifically designed for loosening and breaking up the soil deep into the surface without turning or damaging the crops. This farming equipment is outstanding in performance.

The Subsoiler farming implement is a Tractor-mounted implement that can be easily attached with the tractors. 

Popular Subsoiler Implements Use In India 

New Holland Subsoiler

New Holland Subsoiler is a perfect tractor mounted implement used for Tillage operations. New Holland Subsoiler farming equipment is the best in usage for the 80-90 HP range of tractors.

It affects less load and requires less fuel, designed with optimum and unique design, It is made with high-quality alloy steel shovel, shatters hard pan feature is inclined in this equipment and can work easily for a long duration of time. 

Swan Agro Subsoiler NSE SS – 1

Swan Agro is the perfect farm implement brand that produces a variety of farm equipment, machines, etc. Swan Agro Subsoiler NSE SS-1 model is the perfect tillage machine suitable for breaking up hardpan layers and loosening the subsoil that allows proper root growth, mineral osmosis, and a better drainage system.

The perfect Swan Subsoiler NSE SS-1 increases the soil turn by reaching the deeper organic matter. It is good for ploughing and helps in eliminating drought and dryness conditions of soil by increasing groundwater storage. It can be easily ploughed 55 cm deep into the soil. 

Maschio Gaspardo Subsoiler Pinocchio – 130

The next most popular implement known as Maschio Gaspardo Subsoiler Pinocchio-130 is the primary tillage implement used for deep tillage and ploughing. It can be worked with deep tiling into the soil. It can work easily for root crop growth by breaking into the soil. 

Universal Subsoiler BESS-1

Universal Subsoiler BESS-1 model is the perfect agriculture implement for the effective use of the tillage system. Also, this implementation is perfectly made for an effective farming system.

It is a tractor-mounted implement that can be easily attached to a 21-30 HP range of tractors. Universal is the best agro farm company that produces large varieties of farm implements for the use of farming systems. Universal Subsoilers improve the fertility of the soil. Also, the implements used in agriculture are powerful in range and the price range is nominal. 

Green System Subsoiler Implements

Green System Subsoiler or the John Deere Subsoiler is the perfect implement for the tillage system. It is a tractor-mounted implement suitable for primary tillage.

With immense ease, it breaks the hardpan of the soil. It is ideal for crops like Cotton, Oilseeds, Pulses, etc. The Green system Subsoiler works effectively in hard and tough soil conditions. 


Subsoilers are the primary tillage implement used amongst the farmers. This implement is produced by the pioneered farm implements industry to make the work easier for the farmers.

Universal, Swan Fieldking, New Holland John Deere are some of the popular tractor and farm industries that produce the large varieties of implements used In agriculture suitable for crops like sugarcane, cotton, paddy, pulses, etc.

All the products are uniquely designed with advanced technology and available in nominal price range and fit into the budget of the farmers. 

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