Agriculture and Farmers’ Expectations

Agriculture and Farmers’ Expectations

Agriculture (Farming) and Farmers are the two basic principles that are correlated to each other. The agriculture sector has always been an important topic to discuss, find out the solutions, and give the better output to the results. Agriculture works only to the efforts made by the farmers.

The agriculture sector comes both in the rural or urban areas. Farmers do expect more output results from agriculture while increasing the production growth of the crops and giving better results.

In the survey, it concluded that only 13 percent of the Gross Domestic Product is contributed in the farm production sector and the rest workforce of 44 percent. But, this is not acceptable with the other sectors as the poor are not earning till to fulfill the requirements of life. 

On the other side, farmers operating with less than five acres of land are up to 85 percent, and in which farmers’ income comes either from farming activity or off nonfarming activities on daily wages.

If we look at the conditions of the small farmers or even the marginal farmers they are only dependent on agriculture if the production gets good then only the farmers can get the proper income but it fails then the expected income cannot be achieved.

Farmers, somehow have to suffer from severe conditions of the market risks or productive or non-productive,  agriculture problems. 

Farmers adhere to expect more from agriculture only on the basis of providing good quality of foodgrains, crops, a better nutrient with better price.

But, as we all know India is a developing country and still in the sector of agriculture system our country lacks in various circumstances.  Though, agriculture is the main source of livelihood people here are dependent on the better growth of agriculture.

The growth is only possible when all the essential resources are available to our farmers and this can be done with the upcoming policies and schemes launched and implemented by the government.

In the field of agriculture farmers who have their own land or tenant in the land are employed expects to get the better output results from the farmland. It depends upon which type of crops do they produce on the particular land and how much profit they earned from the particular crop production.

Farmers expect much but in return get less or one-third of the profit margin. There are different kinds of farming done on various types of land farms but due to factors like climate changing, weather reports, unfamiliar conditions of the crops, bad impact on land, etc affects the entire expectations of the farmers from agriculture production.

Farmers Expectations Towards Agriculture System

Farmers play a vital role in the agriculture system. They work hard to provide good quality crops and nutrients, foodgrains to people all over the world. Farmers’ main requirement is to get proper raw materials and products at a larger scale to get the production done in minimum time. 

Farmers always persist to provide food security to the people of the nation.

Farmers focus on doing different kinds of farming that is suitable for their land or agriculture. Some of the farming is Intensive farming, crop rotation, subsistence farming, plantation agriculture, dry agriculture, shifting agriculture, etc. 

Benefits Of The Farmers In Agriculture

  • Farmers will get more opportunities through modern technology or the agriculture system.
  • Farmers can provide more sources to their communities. 
  • The rapid growth of the economy.
  • Good usage of tools and implements on agriculture and better system
  • It helps in eradicating the problem of poverty.
  • Good farming helps in giving jobs and helps in the growth of the economy. 

Farmers, on the other hand, are the primary source of agriculture and agriculture production. Thus, if providing the basic requirement to the farmers related to agriculture products or inputs or chemicals that are free from pesticides and insecticides can lead to the proper growth of the agriculture and provides solutions to the farmers. 

The farmer’s main source of income is agriculture. If the agriculture is not good then how could the farmers get the source of income?  This is a major concern and the government is also formulating to the farmer’s income by implementing various farms schemes and policies. Some of the major schemes inaugurated by the government for the upliftment of the farmer’s income are:

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojna: Under his scheme farmers will get Rupees 6000 annually on the basis of three installments. 

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna: Under this scheme farmers too are benefitted from earning the annual income by completing the registration process.


Farmers and agriculture are the two important sources of the livelihood of the entire world. Without the farmer’s participation and work, the farming system in agriculture is not possible. But, farmers’ expectations also increase once the production grows at a larger scale.

This requires the entire resources to be available at the right time for better growth and better output results. Farmer’s expect high growth of the crop which leads to higher income but sometimes due to several circumstances small farmers have to suffer a lot.

For this, the government has taken out several plans and schemes to eradicate the severe situation like this and provide a basic income to the farmers. 

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