Transforming Agriculture through Mechanization

Transforming Agriculture through Mechanization

Agricultural Implements :

India is the world’s second-most populous country with a population of 1.34 billion and largest source of livelihood in India is Agriculture and relevant sectors as 70% of the rural population depend on it. India is the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses, and jute, and ranks as the second-largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit, and cotton. It is also one of the leading producers of spices, fish, poultry, livestock and plantation crops.

However, India still has many growing issues. You will be surprised to know India produces 25% of total global production but the fact is India requires 27% of total global production also imports 14% of pulses to fulfill nutrition needs. Due to increasing rural-urban men migration increase feminization in agriculture, growing labor-intensive cash crops are some social aspects need to be a focus on agriculture. An increasing scarcity of water resources in the country needs to be rebuilt and new policies for improved agriculture. Agricultural machinery and tractor agricultural implements is the only solution over all these problems

Need for Mechanization

  • Let be top in Global – In India overall farm mechanization level is about 40 – 45% where the USA is at 95%, China’s at 48%. Looking at competitor score government need to act on this concern.
  • More Agriculture Output – India will be on top in terms of population in the next decade, to feed them we have plan framework to get high yield per hectare
  • Migration to urban – Most of the unskilled labor get attracted towards the urban furnish, results in unavailability of Labors in rural and with mechanization will get rid of it.

Benefits from Mechanization

  • Friendly Farming – Mechanized farming will speed up all practices, saves times, more income will attract youth towards farming as a career.
  • Less Injuries – Most of the marginal farmers use hand tools and across India cause 60% of agriculture-related injuries, advance farm equipment will reduce these.
  • Export Quality Crops – Indian curries, mangoes, snacks, and spices are known for their excellent quality across the globe, with mechanization we can reach exports standards and doubles farmers income.
  • Less Inputs – Mechanization assures uniform, as well as the appropriate distribution of seed, fertilizer, and water also these practices, save farmers time and labor cost. Using the latest farm tractor implement, you can do seeding and fertilizing practices at the same time. Implements like happy seeder can bring big change in Ancestral farming techniques.

Opposition to Mechanization

  • Lack of Skills – Many farmers don’t know how to use advanced implements, so they manage their farming activities with their traditional tools which results in less productivity
  • Tractor Fans – Many Indian farmers are only known about tractors and some day to day use equipment like Plough and tractor cultivator. They are unfamiliar with a happy seeder, laser leveler, straw reaper, Seed drills.
  • Cost – Advance technology-based machines not fit in small farmers pockets when it comes to pricing.
  • Service after sales – Most of the tractor implement are costlier than 50000/- and it is very essential to get parts or service for that machine. Breakdown of a tractor in planting season will cause major loss to tractor owner also, Tractor dealers only focus on sales, not on service.
  • Purchase Pilotage – Farmers gets in a delusion of salespersons and buy one which is not suitable for their requirements and field conditions.

Presumable Solutions

  • Custom Hiring – Small and marginal farmers can rent all types of equipment with ease and take their farming to the next level without investing.
  • Government’s Policy – Modi’s government is focusing on farmers welfare, regarding this they launched many schemes to revitalize the agriculture sector and improve their economic conditions.
  • Contract Farming – Many Agri – startup contracts with farmers to providing fresh farm produce to urban cities, this farmer can get better returns for their produce.

The many States like Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh are already part of transformation but in northern India, we still have a lot to do. Platforms like Khetigaadi helps farmers to buy new tractor through Mobile application.

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