eNAM Works For The Trading System With Agricultural Services

eNAM Works For The Trading System With Agricultural Services


The government is looking forward to the benefits of agriculture farming and also enduring the farmer’s benefit. Therefore, PK Swain, Joint secretary stated that it’s time to make farmers perfect in the farm-related specialized services such as insurance, check, grading packaging services, warehousing, and trade finance.

eNAM – National electronic Platform is developed by the government that is also referred to as “platform of platforms” that works with the post-harvesting agricultural services such as delivery, sorting, grading, transportation, etc by integrating trading system.

From just providing a trading platform for commodity trading, we are developing this as a bigger digital ecosystem, enabling farmers to add value to their products and facilitate them with ease of Agri marketing,” said PK Swain, joint secretary of, agriculture ministry.

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According to the Ministry of the agriculture department, the government is focusing on the biggest digital ecosystem that will develop to provide a trading platform for commodity trading. Farmers will get the benefit in the form of farm-related services such as grading, sorting, packaging services, insurance, trade finance, and warehousing.

The benefit of eNAM is to provide a farmer a way to sell their Agri products in a proper way by realizing the remunerative prices in a transparent manner and also helps in increasing the profit of income.

To double the number of physical mandis integrated with eNAM is announced by the Finance Minister.

According to the statement of Swain, “eNAM is integrated with 1000 mandis across 18 states and three Union Territories. Now the government is planning to mandate 1000 more mandis which will multiply the trade volume which has touched Rs 1.22 lakh crore. So far more than 1.69 crore farmers and 1.55 lakh traders have been registered on the eNAM platform.”

The government is following the concept of “one nation, one market” to enhance farmers’ accessibility digitally to multiple markets and buyers.

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