TAFE Launches World-Class Heavy Haulage Tractor- Massey Ferguson MAGNATRAK in Maharashtra.

TAFE Launches World-Class Heavy Haulage Tractor- Massey Ferguson MAGNATRAK in Maharashtra.


The third-largest tractor company in the world and Massey’s Ferguson Tractor Limited launches the revolutionary MAGNATRAK series at a grand ceremony in Kolhapur and sets a new standard in the tractor industry.

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The new Massey’s Ferguson 8055 comes in the Magnatrak, 50 hp range, and is the first tractor in the Magnatrak series.

Magnetrak series world-class style, Provides incredible performance and usability in advanced technologies, unmatched power, and lower operating costs. These extraordinary tractor-heavy goods are the best for transport.


Launching the Magnetrak series, TAFE’s CMD Mallika Srinivasan stated that for over 60 years, Tafe and the Massey Ferguson Band, The farmers of Maharashtra had a strong bond with each other. Farmers in the state of Maharashtra are very progressive, which is productivity.

They are adopting new technologies to enhance and get better results in agriculture. Strength, style, comfort, and Efficiency – To fulfill this aspiration, Taffey today launched the new Magnetrack Jerseys. 

We are India’s sugarcane growers, It is an honor for us to be launching the Heidiyati freight carrier Pravarayam Tractor – Magnatrak in the capital, especially in Kolhapur.

It’s a matter of time. Equipped with state-of-the-art Magnatoku engines, this premium freight tractor offers maximum torque and high fuel efficiency.

With the highest torque of 200 Nm in its range, this tractor can easily tumble and carry heavy trolleys under any conditions.

Can pull comfortably. The engine and transmission of the tractor are well integrated to give exceptional productivity with high speed on the road. And this leads to high-speed tractor freight and high fuel-saving potential.

The world-class Styling and Nudgeign magnet tracks become the “bosses of tractors” for Jasree, the state-of-the-art Magna Styling features state-of-the-art features.

Includes a non-touch front opening system with aerodynamics such as a gill-piece bonnet. Spacious platform, stylish look, modern steering wheel.

Wheels and adjustable seats meet the standard of operating comfort. For the first time in the industry, Massey Ferguson 8055 at night, Includes a powerful projector headlamp with tri-LED for better lighting. 

Most suitable for transporting sugarcane, construction materials, or heavy-duty goods, the Magnatrack series is suitable for various types of work-related activities.

Useful, it includes new working implements such as Rigid Force Moldboard Plow (RMB), Rotator, Post-Hole Nozzle, Thresher, and Baler.

Best suited for heavy-duty operations like sugarcane haulage, construction material, and heavy tonnage loads.

Haulage special tractor with a high torque engine, low operating cost, international styling, and ergonomics.

Compatible with a wide variety of agricultural applications like reversible mouldboard plow, baler, and thresher.

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