Renaming of Escorts Tractor and Farm equipment Into Escorts Kubota Limited.

Renaming of Escorts Tractor and Farm equipment Into Escorts Kubota Limited.


In the past year, Kubota increased its ownership position in Escorts Group by 44.8 percent by purchasing equity shares. As a result, Escort tractor and farm equipment, India’s leading brand, has been rebranded Escorts Kubota Limited.

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In an interview, the organization revealed that it has received permission to modify its name from Escorts tractor and farm equipment to Escorts Kubota Limited.

They both want to become the global leader in agriculture by supplying cutting-edge technology. So this was last year when Kubota decided to increase its value ownership in Escorts to 44.8 percent by buying new value shares through an open proposal to Escorts stockholders, effectively transforming the company into a joint venture with the Nanda family, whose shareholding remained unchanged. Chairman and CEO Nikhil Nand will continue to lead the company.


“Our relationship with Kubota in Escorts Kubota has been appreciated by our stockholders,” says Nikhil Nanda. As a result, the procedure went perfectly. We are now in a unique position in world history to make far larger contributions to India’s and the world’s search for food security, sustainable agriculture, and smart farming.”

“We are pleased to partner with Escorts Kubota at a time when we can pool our experience to develop novel farm mechanization solutions to address global food security and farm productivity problems,” the business said. Kubota Japan’s President and Representative Director, Kubota Japan remarked.

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