Success story written from organic farming, won the President’s award twice

Success story written from organic farming, won the President’s award twice


Know how Rajasthan’s woman farmer: Santosh Pachar achieved this position: Today, no such area in the country remains untouched where there is no participation of women. 

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Not only this, in the agriculture sector, where it was always believed that the work of farming or horticulture is more laborious which only men can do, but some women farmers have broken this myth by achieving success in agriculture on their own. 

However, in the past, women have been helping men in agricultural work apart from household chores.


But the number of women who are engaged in farming on their own is very less as compared to men in the country. 

Today, through TractorJunction, we are telling the success story of a woman who made her mark in the agriculture sector. Not only this, she has also been honored with the President’s Award twice for his excellent work in the field of agriculture.

who is this lady farmer: This woman farmer is from the state of Rajasthan. Her name is Santosh Pachar, who lives in Jhigar Badi village of Sikar district. 

Santosh owns 30 bighas of agricultural land. Santosh made a different identity in the state on the basis of her hard work and she has also received the President’s Award twice in 2013 and 2017 respectively. 

However, Santosh is not very educated. She has studied till class VIII. Despite being less educated, she has made a different identity in the agriculture sector.

This is how the journey of success began: According to the news published in the media, Santosh tells that she started doing advanced organic farming in her farm around 2002.

Initially, Santosh had cultivated carrots in her field whose production was long, thin and crooked. Seeing her crop like this, Santosh realized that the seeds taken by her from the market were of poor quality. 

She started preparing the seeds himself to improve the production of her crop. Santosh’s seed preparation technique was different from others.

Eventually this hard work of Santosh paid off and as a result Santosh got good production from the crop. 

This method of satisfaction increased the sweetness of carrots by about 5 percent and also increased the production efficiency by about 2 to 3 times. 

Santosh was honored by former President Pranav Mukherjee for the production of seeds with new technology. Santosh was presented with a reward of Rs 3 lakh and a citation.

Tried hand in gardening, got success here too: The woman farmer Santosh did not stop here only, she tried her hand in agriculture as well as horticulture and got success here too. 

In fact, the idea of ​​planting a pomegranate orchard came to mind for Santosh’s husband. When she told this idea to his wife Santosh, she immediately agreed to it. She planted a pomegranate orchard in her field. 

After three years, pomegranate trees start bearing fruits. Santosh benefited greatly from the cultivation of pomegranate. 

After pomegranate, she planted lemon and guava plants in her field, which also benefited him well. Today, by gardening, Santosh is earning about 25 to 30 lakh rupees annually.

Biogas plant made from cow dung: Santosh also succeeded in setting up a gas plant from cow dung. 

About 20 houses in the village were benefited by this work. Today, Santosh remains a source of inspiration for the women of the village. 

She gives information about new methods and techniques of farming to the women of the village so that rural women can use these techniques in farming to increase production.

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