More Products to Launch by the Society Tea

More Products to Launch by the Society Tea


Society Tea is the brand name of the tea. Under the society tea concept, there are several categories of tea that comes also with new flavors. Currently, the company is thinking to expand its footprint into newer geographies by launching more new products and expects to double the share of value-added and specialty teas in coming years.

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The Value-added share is expected to increase by 20-22 % from 10-12% in specialty tea stated by the Director, Society Tea, Karan Shah.

With the highest demand for the products, the company thinks to introduced two new products for the health and well sector i.e. Society Skimmed Milk Powder and Society Cleanse Green Tea.

Skimmed Milk powder is 99 percent fat-free, low calories, rich in minerals and proteins, etc while cleanse brand helps to increase metabolism and keep the immune system stronger.

Society Tea also focused on producing a new category in the art of chutneys and pickles.

The Director of the company also told that there is a high demand for dairy products as well so the company is proceeding in developing new products in various categories.

The company is expanding its market in food and nutrition while launching with the food snacks items as well with the major distribution of the network.

The Shah rolled out the figures of 45,000 presence in overall Maharashtra.

The company is looking forward to entering into a newer market in 2021-22. 40% market share of the society tea holds in the packaged tea category in Mumbai and other states like Rajasthan, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Delhi.

The Director, Karan Shah said that “We have planned a couple of launches in the value-added segment with a clear focus on health and nutrition. We have also seen an excellent demand for our dairy products and we are looking to ramp up the category.”

The company also distributes a wide range of products through online channels and higher sales of products reaching in the great demand in smaller and urban towns.

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