The government will spend 2500 crores on natural farming, farmers will benefit.

The government will spend 2500 crores on natural farming, farmers will benefit.


Know, what is the scheme of the central government and it will benefit the farmers: The government is preparing to bring a new scheme for the farmers regarding natural or organic farming. It is being told that the government will spend about 2500 crores on this scheme. 

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Regarding this new central scheme, the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to present it. According to media reports, a senior official of the ministry said that this proposed new scheme will be put up for the approval of the cabinet soon. Once approved, it will be implemented. This will greatly benefit the farmers and will encourage natural or organic farming in the country.

Better products can be obtained from natural farming: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a national conference on natural farming in Gujarat in December last year, had said that there is a need to explore alternatives to fertilizer and pesticide-based farming. PM Modi had said that natural farming can bring better products that have no ‘side effects.


Only after this, this plan is being brought. “After several rounds of talks with the stakeholders, a draft plan on natural farming has been prepared. The objective of this scheme is to promote natural farming without disrupting the existing system of farming.

Special proposal in the general budget 2022 regarding natural farming: The official said that under the proposed scheme, farmers doing natural farming will be supported for marketing their products. Apart from this, extended services will also be provided to them. Let us inform you that in the Union Budget 2022, the government had announced the promotion of chemical-free natural farming across the country. It was, to begin with, a five-kilometer corridor of fields along the Ganges River.

What is Natural Farming: Natural farming is an ancient method of agriculture. It maintains the natural nature of the land. Chemical pesticides are not used in natural farming. In this type of farming, the elements which are found in nature are used as pesticides in agriculture.

In natural farming, nutrients are provided to the plants by the use of dung manure, compost, bacterial manure, crop residues, and minerals available in nature such as rock phosphate, gypsum, etc. in the form of pesticides. In natural farming, the crop is protected from harmful bacteria by the bacteria available in nature, friendly insects, and organic insecticides.

Need for Natural/Organic Farming in India: There has been a loss in agriculture for the last several years. The main reason for this is the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Due to this, on one hand, the cost of farming is increasing and on the other hand quality production is decreasing, which is directly affecting the health of the people. Today people of the country are eating pesticide-rich fruits, vegetables, and grains, which is affecting their health.

Along with getting quality products from natural farming, people can also reduce the cost of farming. At the same time, due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the fertilizer capacity of the land is also being affected. The result of this is that today the cultivable land is decreasing and many fields have become barren.

Benefits of natural farming: There are many benefits of natural farming. Natural farming can reduce the cost of production as well as get better production. The benefits of this are as follows-

The fertile capacity of the land increases.

Increases the irrigation interval.

Reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers leads to cost reduction.

The use of organic manure improves the quality of the land.

Increases the water holding capacity of the land.

There is a reduction in the cost of crop production, which will increase the income of the farmer.

What is the method of natural farming or organic: Fields are not plowed under the natural farming method. The crop is sown in the field without plowing. It is believed that the earth does its own plowing naturally through the penetration of plant roots and earthworms and small animals, and micro-organisms. No chemical fertilizers or fertilizers are used in organic farming.

In this method, only green manure and cow dung are used. Apart from this, there is no weeding and no herbicides are used. Weeds play a major role in making the soil fertile and in balancing the bio-fraternity. The basic principle of organic or natural farming is that weeds should be controlled rather than completely eliminated.

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