Kisan Pushkar Scheme: Agricultural drone application approved, the target set to sell by March 31

Kisan Pushkar Scheme: Agricultural drone application approved, the target set to sell by March 31


Ever since the machines of new technologies have taken entry into the work of agriculture. Since then it has become very easy to do all the work related to the farm. Farmers now complete the biggest tasks of the farm in minutes with advanced technology machines. 

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For your information, let us tell you that Agriculture Drone is the most used in agriculture, in today’s time and is being used by most farmers for spraying in their fields and monitoring the crops properly. . In this connection, to promote agricultural drones, the government has approved 150 applications of drones. So that the farmers can get maximum benefits with their help.

The government has set a target for drones


The government has approved 150 drone applications of Union Bank applied under the Kisan Pushkar Scheme and has also set a target for the year 2023 in this regard. In fact, the government has set a target of providing 5,000 drones to the farmer brothers of the country by March 31, 2023, which is being emphasized. Let us tell you that to fulfill this goal, the government has also made many preparations, out of which a loan facility is also being provided by the government on one of the drones.

The drone will be exported outside the country as well

As you know that in February 2022, the Government of India had given the green signal to about 100 agricultural drones. Since then, the farmers of the country are being insisted on using drones. For this, information is also being given to the farmers from time to time. In this sequence, the government is also setting many targets. It is also being told that in the coming 6 months, the government will export 10,000 drones to about 100 countries.

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