Beekeepers’ Training Program Organized by NABARD

Beekeepers’ Training Program Organized by NABARD


The Shahabad Beekeeper Farmer Producer Organization’s beekeeper farmers are participating in a one-day training and exposure visit that was officially launched by Bashir Ahmad Wani, Additional District Development Commissioner for Anantnag.

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The statement claims that NABARD marketed the aforementioned FPO through Biocert International Ltd. under the Central Sector FPO Scheme.

Farmers were given the opportunity to visit FPOs developed in other Kashmiri districts through the FPO Project’s capacity-building component. NABARD’s Chief Agriculture Officer and District Development Manager attended the occasion.


These initiatives seek to educate farmers about the functioning of FPOs in other districts that NABARD has backed.

DDM NABARD Rouf Zargar claims that these visits allow farmers a chance to share expertise and learn from one another, which they can then use to improve their own FPOS.

The Shahabad Bee Keepers FPO, certified by NABARD in 2020, has more than 150 beekeeping farmers as members. The FPO has been promoting pure Acacian honey under the FPO Brand label. After getting an FSSAI license, the FPO applied for organic certification. ADDC saw how crucial it was for FPO to function as a corporate organization and adopt the most cutting-edge and effective beekeeping techniques while working with FPO Farmers.

Business Idea: Beekeeping is a low-cost enterprise. Selling honey and related goods allows you to make money. However, you are not required to have a huge number of hives. You don’t need more than 50 hives to get started.

Beekeeping Subsidy: The National Bee Board (NBB) and NABARD have developed programs to finance the beekeeping industry in India. They additionally support women’s employment in this field.

You can browse the website or go to the local National Bee Board office to learn more. Let us inform you that the government provides 80 to 85% of the cost of beekeeping subsidies. Starting this business offers you benefits.

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