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Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD

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HP Category : 24 HP
Displacement CC in : 1123 CC
No. of cylinder : 3 Cylinder
Gear Box Type : 9 Forward + 3 Reverse
Max PTO (HP) : 17.4 HP
Price : 5.5 Lakh - 6.5 Lakh

Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 24 HP
  • 4WD
  • 1123 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
  • 9 Forward + 3 Reverse
  • 17.4 HP

Kubota Neo Star B2441 Price, Features, and Specifications 

Kubota Neo Star B2441 is structured well. It has 4-wheel drive. This tractor has a 24 HP engine with MAX PTO of 17.4 HP. It consists of 3 cylinders. The height of an engine is 1280 mm. 

This tractor is available with a dry single clutch plate. It is facilitated with an integral power steering function. The total weight is 630 Kg with an overall length is 2410 mm and width is 1105. The Kubota Neo Star B2441 tractor has 9 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. 

The tractor price of B2441 starts from 5.5 Lac. To know more about Kubota Neo Star B2441 contact Khetigaadi executives. 

Kubota Neo Star B2441 Features

  • Kubota Neo Star B2441 consists of 24HP.
  • Kubota Tractor Neo Star B2441 is well equipped with a dry single clutch.
  • The dimensions of the ground clearance are 325 mm.
  • It provides a 2.1 turning radius with a brake.
  • Kubota Tractor Neo Star B2441 has a 1563 mm wheelbase.

Kubota Neo Star B2441 Specifications

Tractor Specifications
HP Category24 HP
Engine Capacity1123 CC
Engine Rated RPM2600 RPM
No of Cylinder3 cylinders
Brake TypeWet Disc Brakes
Steering TypePower 
PTO Power17 PTO HP
PTO RPM540 RPM, 980 RPM.

FAQ About Kubota Neo Star B2441

Question:  Kubota b2441 mileage?

Answer: Kubota B2441 mileage is good with 23 L.

Question:  From where you can get a Kubota tractor 24 hp second-hand?

Answer: Kubota tractor 24 HP second-hand is easily available on the Khetigaadi website.

Question:   What is Kubota b2441 HP?

Answer: Kubota B2441 HP is 24 HP.

Question:  How much does  Kubota b2441 have MAX PTO HP?

Answer: Kubota B2441 MAx PTO HP is 17.4 PTO HP.

Question: What types of air cleaners are available for the Kubota Tractor NEO STAR B2441 4WD?

Answer: Kubota Tractor NEO STAR B2441 4WD has a dry-type air cleaner.

Question: What kind of cooling system is available in the Kubota Tractor NEO STAR B2441 4WD?

Answer: The Kubota Tractor NEO STAR B2441 4WD has a liquid-cooled system.

Question: How many forward and reverse gears are there in the Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD?

Answer: Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD has 9 forward and 3 reverse gears.

Question: Is Integral Power Steering in the Kubota B2441 4WD tractor?

Answer: The Kubota B2441 does have Integral Power Steering.

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User Reviews of Kubota NEO STAR B2441 4WD Tractor

Based on 5 Total Reviews
For agriculture used

“ Good condition ”

By Chokendra Chauhan 08 May 2022
i like this model

“ I have purchasing this model ”

By Sagar Patil 26 March 2022
Orchard King

“ kubota b2441 helps in spreying of orchards a... ”

By MANSING Patil 18 March 2022
कुबोटा लाया आराम पाया

“ chalane mai bahut badiya hai. average bahut ... ”

By MANSING Patil 18 March 2022

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