Digitrac Tractor Models in india

14.2 K
Digitrac PP 43i
Digitrac PP 43i 2WD
  • 47 HP
  • 2760 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
14.4 K
Digitrac PP 46i
Digitrac PP 46i 2WD
  • 50 HP
  • 3680 CC
  • 4 Cylinder
15.8 K
Digitrac PP 51i
Digitrac PP 51i 2WD
  • 60 HP
  • 3680 CC
  • 4 Cylinder

About Digitrac Tractors

Digitrac Tractor models are available in India ranging from 47-60 HP Tractor in 2 wheel drive. Digitrac tractor price starts at rs.5.85 Lakh.

List of Digitrac Tractors available in India: Digitrac PP 43i Tractor, Digitrac PP 46i Tractor, Digitrac PP 51i Tractor. The most costly Digitrac tractor is Digitrac PP 51i priced at rs. 6.80 Lakh in 60 HP.

The History of Digitrac Tractor:

Digitrac Tractor – new tractor brand from the tractor giant, Escorts Group, is set to redefine the tractor business. The cutting edge, incredible, classy tractors with the best PTO capacity to run you executes productively, are completely stacked with top of the line highlights. These are accessible just online at the best tractor price.

Digitrac tractors were propelled in 2020 and are an ongoing participant inside the Indian tractor advert. It's the third tractor entirely from Escorts Agri Machinery. Digitrac is India's underlying on-line tractor stage. Clients should purchase Digitrac tractors away from the solace of their homes. Expenses of Digitrac tractors are low because these tractors are sold straightforwardly by Escort organization. Demo, Sale, Loan, and tractor Insurance customs are frequently finished while not exertion.

All Digitrac tractors are a perfect blend of worldwide vogue and solace with choices most appropriate to Indian cultivating. Digitrac tractors come in DigiBlack, DigiSilver, and DigiBlue.

Best Digitrac Tractor in India 2020:

Digitrac PP 51i, Digitrac PP 43i, Digitrac PP 46i

Reasons for Choosing Digitrac Tractor:

It made an unbreakable reputation in India. The main achievements that justify that Why Digitrac is the best tractor company in India.

  • It manufactures high technology products.

  • Easy availability of parts: It ensures maximum uptime due to this easy availability of Tractor parts.

  • All the products are best in quality.

Digitrac Tractor Dealership & Service Center:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. In what price range Digitrac Tractor comes?

A. Digitrac Tractor price starting from Rs. 5.85 to 6.80 Lac

Q. Which is the highest hp category model of Digitrac tractor in India?

A. 60 hp, Digitrac PP 51i is the highest hp category model of Digitrac tractor in India.

Q. Which is the most selling Digitrac tractor in India?

A. Digitrac PP 51i is the most selling Digitrac tractor in India.

Q. What is the Hp range of Digitrac tractors?

A. Digitrac tractor HP Range from 47 hp to 60 hp.

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