Solis Yanmar Tractor: Excellence beyond the level!

Solis Yanmar Tractor: Excellence beyond the level!

It takes a long way to create a new and unique technology that satisfies the needs of farmers. Today many technologies come and go but remain unworthy to fulfill a farmer’s dream. But with that dream only ITL( International Tractors Limited ) and Yanmar came together to launch a range of tractors with highly advanced and powerful technology. ITL is the world’s largest integrated tractor-producing plant and Yanmar is one of the oldest tractor-manufacturing companies in the world with more than 100 years of journey. With the Yanmar’s YM37A and Solis 5015E series tractors, the company is targeting to create an immense strategy to cover the market in India.

With the target of selling 50,000 Solis and Yanmar tractors in India even with 400 dealerships in just 2 years which will also transform the resolutions of ‘Make in India’ farming technologies. Yanmar YM3 specializes in advanced SMARTASSIST REMOTE technology for precise and efficient work to offer great profitability in the farming sector.


Solis is a leading tractor manufacturer in India which offers you the tractor range from 20-110HP. It was established in 1969 and from then till now it has never stopped to amaze us and fulfill a farmer’s dream in every aspect whether it’s a tractor or an implement. With its remarkable history, Solis plants are spread across 120 countries with a vision of empowering agriculture across the globe. In 2005, Solis shook hands with another gem Yanmar, Japan to present the world with the spectacular innovations. Solis has its assembly plants in four countries i.e. Brazil, Turkey, Cameroon, and Algeria. After being a global success Solis is now targeting the Indian market.


Yanmar is another gem in the tractor industry with the glorious history of more than 100 years. It started its journey in 1912 with the production of the gas engine and today it is one of the leading exporters in the world. With the varied range of tractor models, it also produces highly powerful agricultural equipment for the 13hp-113hp range of tractors. Yanmar is best known for its fuel-efficient engines and new innovative technologies. Apart from this competitive world Yanmar strongly believes in environmental awareness and always implements on different methods. With Solis Yanmar YM3 model, surely a new phase of technology is going to start.



Yanmar YM3 model is the latest Japanese technology with the fully sealed 4WD which provides complete tractor security. It has higher ground clearance which offers smooth and complication free agricultural operations. It is highly flexible because of its turn plus axle for a shorter turning radius due to which it can be well used for puddling and heavy applications.


Now talking about the engine, YM3 is featured with a highly efficient and powerful E3 Engine curve designed by Japanese experts. It is bigger in size with magnificent power, high torque, and great pickup. The E3 engine also provides systematic fuel combustion which leads to extra mileage, and a longer life span of the engine for hurdle-free agricultural and other operations.


The Solis-Yanmar tractors are fitted with Easy Shift Speed Plus Gearbox is a transmission for all the varied range of tractors. They consist of different range of 12+12, 10+5, and 12+4 multi-speed transmission with Express speed gearbox. It will always provide a smooth performance in heavy-duty metods.


According to their experience, Solis-Yanmar will never stop to amaze you. They are a true expert in hydraulics which provides you select hydraulic controls with digits and knobs. One can easily perform precisely digitally controlled and a constant depth of operations. They are featured with advanced Hydraulic Control valve of Next Generation designed by Japanese experts. It also consists of automatic hitch lowering and raising for the easy locating and dislocating of applications. These tractors provide you comfort in every aspects, consume less time and are highly affordable . It is for sure these gems are truly going to be a game changer in the Indian market. They are definitely going to break all the barriers to reach their destiny. In every perception, they have shown their knowledge , talent and dedication towards the agricultural sector. With all the features seen it seems they will be known as the best technological expert. If you want to sell, buy, or rent tractors and other farm machinery, we have one of the best agriculture machinery websites in India and we can assist you in every possible way. We can help you find the best tractor in India at the best farm tractor price. If you want to know more about tractor games; then visit and read our tractor game blog. If you want to watch more tractor videos; then visit our tractor videos page.


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