Top Upcoming Tractor Models

Top Upcoming Tractor Models

Tractor Models : Tractor industry is the biggest industry in an Indian agricultural farming. Varieties of tractors brands are manufacturing the tractors according to the requirement of the farmers. Every year new tractors are launched by various tractor brand industries. In the upcoming year also major biggest manufacturing and selling industry launches tractors like Escort,Sonalika, Powertrac,Farmtrac etc.

List Of New Upcoming Tractors In India

Sonalika Tiger Electric

Sonalika Tractor is the largest industry in manufacturing and selling of tractors across the world. Sonalika always innovate and implement new technologies and features in their tractors. Sonalika Tiger Electric is India’s first electric tractor produced by Sonalika. Sonalika Tiger electric has come up with an innovative design and excellent features like more battery power, noiseless free, excellent charging feature where one can completely charge the tractor from a regular home charging socket within ten hours.

Sonalika always offers high quality tractor models and fulfills the requirements of the farmers. It focused on innovation, technology, better productivity, more efficiency, zero maintenance costs.Its prices are suitable for Rupees 5.99 Lac. This is a new electric tractor to increase farm productivity, optimal performance etc.

Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus

Mahindra a well prominent and renowned name in the field of tractor industry. Mahindra always produces tractors in a wide range from 15 HP to 95 HP with excellent features and specifications. Mahindra model 575 DI SP Plus is a newly launched tractor by Mahindra and Mahindra. This tractor comes with more power, six years warranty, best in mileage, highest max torque which can cover more land area at any time.

Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus is unique and superior in design. It is easy to function and operate for various farm uses. It carries specific features like single/dual clutch feature,power/manual(optional) steering feature. It can load 1500 Kg of hydraulic capacity. The price of Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus is economical which comes at Rupees 6.29 Lac and can be easily purchased by the farmers.

Farmtrac Atom 22

Farmtrac Atom 22 is manufactured by the company Farmtrac. Farmtrac tractors are mostly preferred by the Indian farmers. Farmtrac Atom 22 is a mini tractor which is in the list of new upcoming tractors. Farmtrac Atom 22 is a 22 HP tractor models available with standard features like multiple Oil Immersed brakes, single clutch feature. It is affordable and prices at Rupees 4 Lac which also fits in the budget of the famers.

Powertrac Euro 75

Powertrac Euro 75 is manufactured by Powertrac company. Powertrac Euro 75 is one of the new tractors which comes with specific features like 75 HP, 4 cylinders, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, oil immersed brakes, 60 Litres of fuel tank capacity, smooth power steering feature,dual clutch system etc. Powertrac Euro is mostly preferred by the farmers and it comes at an affordable price of 11 lac. All Tractor models of Powertrac are pocket friendly. Powertrac Euro 75 can lift 1800 Kg of hydraulic capacity. Powertrac Euro 75 is mostly in demand by the farmers.

John Deere 5310 Gear Pro

John Deere 5310 Gear Pro is manufactured by John Deere. The design of John Deere 5310 Gear Pro is unique in design and known for better performance and reliability. John Deere 5310 Gear Pro is applicable to work in different soil conditions. It comes with specific features like self adjusting, self equalizing oil immersed disc brakes, excellent power steering operating feature.Top John Deere Tractor Models are John deere 5039 D PowerPro, John deere 5050 D Tractor, John deere 5310, John deere 5075 E, John deere 5050 E, John deere 5405 GearPro, John deere 5036 D Tractor, John deere 5075 E, John deere 5310 Tractor, John deere 5045 D, John deere 5305 Tractor. It can load heavy duty applications with a high back up torque. It has a large fuel tank capacity of 68 litres and can be easily available in the market.

Eicher 650

Eicher company is the one of the reliable and the most oldest company of tractor brands. Eicher tractors are made for Indian landform. Tractor Models Eicher 312 , Eicher 380 , Eicher 5150 is launched by Eicher tractor. Eicher 650 is newly launched by the Eicher company which is unique in design ang known for specific features. These features include a 60 HP tractor comes with synchromesh gearbox with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Eicher 650 is suitable for multipurpose operations. It can easily lift implements like rotavator, plough, planter,cultivator etc. Eicher 650 runs smoothly with less power loss and more durability. The price of Eicher 650 is priced at Rupees 8.65 Lac.

VST Shakti 932

VST Shakti 932 is a newly manufactured tractor model launched by VST company. VST Shakti 932 is a 30 HP tractor. It comes with specific features like excellent engine capacity, 4 cylinders, Power steering, 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. VST Shakti 932 is economical at prices and also fits in the budget of the farmers.

John Deere 5110

John Deere 5110 is a 2 wheel drive tractor with 45 HP. John Deere tractors have always been preferred by the farmers for excellent advanced features, innovative technologies etc. John Deere 5110 is known for comfort and convenience and higher in productivity. John Deere 5110 is suitable to work with implements like rotavator, cultivator,plough etc. John Deere tractor models have always been preferred by the farmers for excellent advanced features, innovative technologies etc. John Deere 5110 is economical at price.

Swaraj 978 FE

Swaraj Tractor is one of the largest manufacturing and selling tractor industries. Swaraj tractor models are well known for its series,advanced qualities and features in their tractors. Swaraj 978 FE is also one of the prominent tractor of Swaraj model and newly manufactured model which is known for its specific features.These features include a 75 HP tractor, more engine capacity, price is economical.

Sonalika Di 32 RX

Sonalika is one of the leading manufacturing and exporters from India. Sonalika tractor models are manufactured with heavy duty tractor ranges from 20 Hp to 120 Hp. Sonalika DI 32 RX is known for excellent features. These features include maximum fuel tank capacity, greater productivity, higher efficiency, smooth functioning etc.

New Holland Excel 4710

New Holland Excel 4710 comes with specific features and easy to work in types of land form. New Holland tractor models are best to operate in all kinds of soil, terrain, land etc. New Holland Excel 4710 comes with specific features and economical price. New Holland 4710 Excel 4710 is available in 2WD and 4WD drive. It works efficiently and effectively.

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