New Launched Electric Power Tillers

New Launched Electric Power Tillers

Farming is done with proper machines and agricultural implements. It not only saves the time of the farmers but also reduces the labor cost. In the modern technological era various farm producing companies are focusing to provide the fastest and reliable products for the use of the farmers.

For proper tilling, soil preparation, land formation, cultivation sowing of seeds especially in wetland or small land the use of a Power Tiller is very effective for puddling operations.

Power Tillers are widely used by small and marginal farmers for rotavator or cultivation in wet fields of soil. In the market, there are different types of farm industries that produce varieties of tillers with outstanding features. 

In this blog, we will impart the details about the newly launched farm implement ‘Electric Power Tiller’ machine by the largest producer ‘VST Shakti Power Tiller’ company. 

The New Implement 95 DI Ignito – Power Tiller has come with exciting features and attracts the choice of the farmers. 

The 95 DI Ignito -Power Tiller is India’s first electric start machine with 9 HP of a powerful engine and comes in the broad range of brush cutters specifically launched to meet the requirements of the small and marginal farmers who indulge in more than 80% of the farming community in India.

For the need of enhancing productivity and due to the shortage of labor, the demand for farm mechanization implements is increasing day by day. This product is launched for the benefit of the farmers.

So, 95 DI Ignito Power Tiller is available with outstanding features and makes the work easy and fastly. It works efficiently with applications like puddling, de-weeding in (nurseries, gardening, and orchards), earthing up, etc. 

A 9 HP electric diesel engine can work for longer hours to drive the PTO HP for auxiliary applications such as spraying. Also, it is suitable for various wetlands and crops like paddy, cotton, turmeric, sugarcane, horticulture, etc. 



An electric power tiller implement is loaded with excellent features such as:

  • It is a fuel-efficient tiller machine.
  • An indigenous power tiller is an electric starter. 
  • It increases efficiency and productivity.
  • It is best known for weeding, trimming in farming, orchards, and nurseries. 
  • Its operation is easy and works efficiently in the fields. 

95 DI IGNITO Power Is Available With Easy Financing

An electric-powered engine is easily available in easy financing on repayment installments with nominal options starting from INR/121 per day.

As the VST company has tied up with various financial institutions. All the VST products are easily available in the nearby dealers, showroom with extensive spare parts, and service provider. The company delivers the products after testing in the fields. 

Function Of  Power Tiller

  • Power Tillers are designed for rotary tilling and other minor work in small wetlands.
  • It is a multifunction implement machine suitable for various farm activities at the same time.
  • Dry fields and wetlands, hilly terrains, water flooded fields, and power tillers work efficiently and effectively.   
  • Power Tillers are compact and easily work in less surface area of the field. 
  • Power Tillers are named Garden Tractors or Walking Tractors. 
  • For rice and paddy farmers, the power tiller works efficiently in the flooded land area. 

About VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. 

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. is one of the pioneer farm and Tractor brand industries that believe in providing a powerful range of Power Tillers while strengthening the demand of the small and marginal farmers by offering world-class products after being tested.

The largest producing industry of Power Tillers, 4WD Compact Tractors, Engines, Power Reaper, and other components of the farm mechanization is the best outsourcing and production company that helps to meet the requirements of the farmers. 

VST believes in providing an electric power engine tiller machine that gives the farm solution to the farmers. It also believes in providing advanced technology implements that are easily attached to the tractors and give comfort to the operators that in return come to productive results. 

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